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Blog Post On Buying Pedigree Dog - Link Wanted

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This is quite tenuous, but within the last few months one of the Aussie dog photographers I follow on fb posted a link to a recent, well written article, about why buying a pure bred from a registered breeder would not result in a shelter dog dying....

Don't suppose anyone knows of the blog or has a link to it? :laugh:

Cheers :)

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I just tried to Google search & obviously did a bad job, because it was telling me almost the exact opposite of your argument eek1.gificon_smile_mad.gif


I can't even string thoughts together about how stupid I find this article.

PETA 'nuff said :banghead:

Thanks Oso :) I'd already found that one which is useful, but the one I'm after was written this year. I might pm the photographers....95% sure it was on one of their pages.

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