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Advice Re Airline Crate


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Hi all,

I'm after some advice on the size crate I need to fly my Border Collie in. According to the Dogtainers calculator she should fly in a PP60 crate. I was hoping to buy one as we will be flying a few times over the next few years. However, my friend has offered me this crate, which fits the PP60 length and width dimensions however it's a touch shorter (69cm high, compared to the 73cm high PP60 crates are). I don't feel like this should be a problem as she is 60cm at her tallest point so should have enough head room. However I'm just a bit worried (paranoid?) that I'll get to the airport and they won't allow her to fly. Which means I won't be going anywhere either!

I'm flying with Virgin, from a regional airport. The airport is 2 hours from me so it's not really possible for me to take her and the crate there to get approval prior to the date that I fly out. So I just wanted to ask the seasoned doggy travellers on here what their thoughts were? Is this likely to be a problem? The crate meets all other requirements and my friend has flown with the crate before (her dog is a similar size to mine - haven't actually measured though). Or should I just play it safe and buy a crate from Dogtainers or similar? At this time of year the savings could come in handy though...!

I have included the following photos of my girl in the crate today. What do you guys think? I tend to overthink things like this!

Any input is much appreciated!!


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I have always flown my BC girls in a 36" vari crate. Looks like the measurements are as follows which sounds like the measurements of your crate: 91X63.5X68.6 CM. I know people who have flown BCs in the size down so I think your fine.

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Thanks guys!! It's the exact measurements of a 36" Vari. You've made me feel very relieved :)

And another who flew biggish boy BC in a 36" crate, and somewhat smaller girl in the size down .. 28". That was with Virgin, and crates and bookings organised through a dog transport company. You should be fine.

And I'll pass on the tip that ness gave me ... to make up an info sheet with photo and information about your dog, with your contact details and backup contact. Put it in a plastic sheet protector and package tape it to the top of the crate. Just in case ... and at each end of the trip, the freight guys read the label and were able to greet the dogs by name. Thanks ness. :)

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