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Indoor dog toilet?

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Hey guys!

so we have a little puppy who we are trying to toilet train. we live in a small apartment with a large backyard but unless we're home we dont like leaving her out there as the backyard is shared and somewhat easily accessible, so for now shes kept in a play pen when no one is home and our back door is open when we are so shes able to wander in and out. was just wondering if anyone can suggest a indoor toileting idea? Preferable something washable so we dont have to fork out too much money each week(if there is such thing) also didnt want something too large as i said we are only in a small apartment. 


All suggestions are appreciated!

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You can get indoor potties:



My parents have the $38.99 potty patch one for their toy poodle when he stays in an apartment. Works quite well.


A cheaper option is to just get a large kitty litter tray and lay fake grass or toilet training pads inside it. If going the fake grass option have at least two so you can wash, air and rotate them.

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I used something like this:


i got it from best friends pet store.


I had one about 1m by 1m. It took a bit to trick him into using it as he was determined to hold but I needed to work and he wasn't big enough to be left outside alone yet. The pee drains into a container below and I just emptied it in the toilet. vinegar to clean it so it doesn't smell.


I got him to use it by bringing a bit of his poop inside and placing it on top of the potty.


My friend just uses really large pee pads from reject shop but her puppy is a chihuahua....so smaller mess to clean up. mine is big so went the container pee route.

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