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Dogs Butchered for Human Consumption - Vic

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I'm not really sure what to say about this one. 




Police raid finds dogs, goats 'for human consumption'

Claire Knox, Andria Cozza of Melton Weekly

A ROCKBANK property housing animals, including dogs and goats suspected of being illegally slaughtered and sold for human consumption, was raided yesterday.

A 26-member joint taskforce that included Caroline Springs police and detectives, the RSPCA, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, PrimeSafe and the Melton Council arrived at the property about 7.30am.

They also found several goat carcasses hanging on butcher's hooks, and items of butchering equipment.

These included saws, blowtorches and knives.

Police said they seized about $200,000 worth of stolen machinery and cars from the premises, illegal firearms, ammunition and cannabis plants from a mobile home that was on the property.

The raid was organised after police received a statement from a witness who reported seeing a dog being butchered and a blowtorch used to remove its hair before the carcass was hung on a hook.

It was also alleged a man who lives on the property sold dog meat to about 100 customers for between $100 and $350.

The witness said the dogs were found through public notices that advertised the animals as free to a good home.

Two restricted breed dogs were found on the property. No dog meat was found on the premises.

A 41-year-old Rockbank man has been charged and bailed on criminal offences in relation to the raid.



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This was 2012.
I have it in my files when discussing why FTGH can be a really bad idea. Even half-a-decade later it is still sickening.

Except in SA (yay for my birth state) it is not illegal to eat dog or cat meat.
In all states however it is illegal to butcher dogs and cats for consumption and to sell the meat.

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5 hours ago, RuralPug said:

Except in SA (yay for my birth state) it is not illegal to eat dog or cat meat.
In all states however it is illegal to butcher dogs and cats for consumption and to sell the meat.

Oh wow that’s terrible! I would’ve thought it was illegal...! So technically people could import it? :(

Recently I went to Vietnam, where the dog meat trade does exist. (Mostly in the north I believe) And it really did make me question my morals... why do I eat other meat yet find the concept of dog so disgusting? 

a) Culturally I’ve been raised to view it differently.

b) dogs are carnivores which we don’t typically eat 


But then I remembered it’s also the brutal torture and terrible living conditions they experience before a usually agonising death. :cry::vomit:

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 @Scrappi&Monty  it wouldn't get through biosecurity at customs I don't think.
The amount it costs to get a licence to import meat is enormous so that would be a hell of a spend for personal consumption only. But technically, I suppose it could be attempted.:(

 I try not to interfere with other countries' internal affairs, just do what I can to discourage what I don't like by not purchasing from those sources.

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Thankfully we have strict bio security laws. 

It’s a bit hard since I love Vietnam, Thailand and China etc so so much, they’re such amazing cultures with some really sensational cuisines. 

These days most people do not eat dog/cat meat, and it’s only limited to certain pockets of society. But despite the fact that I respect and admire their cultures all so much, it’s difficult to comprehend that anyone would continue to eat it and produce it. In some really bad circumstances in a third world country I wouldn’t blame someone eating a stray dog if they had no other alternatives and were starving, but paying loads of money to eat a torured soul for the “aphrodisiac” effects.... :vomit::(

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I lived in Hong Kong with my asian partner and some of his family way back in 1983. Dog meat was common in the restaurants we ate at and meat dogs were kept by families on boats in the harbour near where we lived. I never saw them in our local food markets but it was very common and I'd always have to check we weren't being served it if a local we were with ordered our meal.

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