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Henschke 10 Year Old Going on 12


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Our beautiful boy has started changing. He always was a lemon, if anyone was going to have an injury or illness, it was him.


we started noticing his change a couple of weeks ago, when he backed away from my husband and doesn’t wait for him to come home like he used to.


its heartbreaking to watch the change. I expected this to occur in a couple of years time, but not now.


i was originally going to get a smaller dog which would have been mine next year, but when I suggested it, the husband was upset with the idea of losing his dog, and me having two.


so I’ve contacted a breeder I was already on the list for, to ask for a pup next year.


i think I will give them a call today and talk about his behaviour (the dog, not the husband) as he did it again today.


my husband was downstairs doing things and he started crying, running away, coming to me, running to his bed and acting very confused.


i think his eyesight is going, you can see cloudiness and he has another lump which I’m leaving / don’t want to put him through surgery.


i know getting a pup will not replace him, but I just know that if there is another dog that my husband has bonded with, I’m sure the new pup will help close the gap of heartache.


does that make sense?


we’re taking him to the vet tomorrow to get a firm opinion so we know what we’re dealing with.


ETA: sorry, just needed to vent. Feeling really blue. Both parents died last year and now this is bringing up the sadness again.



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@poochmad,   the old age thing sneaks up on you, unfortunately.  The vet visit is definitely a good idea as your boy may be able to be treated.  I've learnt not to assume it is "just old age", although often it is.  Explore what you can do to make his life comfortable because 10 is not really that old (is he a small dog?)  My Ned is now completely blind and is not coping very well at all - Stella was pretty much blind but seemed to take it all in her stride, Ned isn't that sort of dog.   He is distressed, growly, falls over lots and generally seems unhappy.  We've not moved anything.  We're doing all the right things for blind dogs but it's very upsetting seeing age and illness take its toll.

I do hope you get some answers from the vet and are able to have many more years with your dog and its fine to feel blue and vent - that's what I'm doing!  All the best.

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Thanks SNM.  The vet visit has been put off until Thursday when we can see the vet we trust.


hes definitely changed. I can’t believe how quick it was.


we might be getting an older pup soon so I’m hoping that might boost him up, as I’ve heard that sometimes works.


hes like my dad when he was nearing the end, confusion, sleeping more, inactive, eating less - just not being himself.


i just wasn’t ready to go through this so soon, I expected it as 12, but not 10.

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