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  1. Not to mention the obvious - if not a designated dog park, the dogs should be on lead. I hope all the dogs and owners recover and learn something from all this.
  2. So sad to read that Lacey has left. Run free with Sasha again, beautiful Lacey. Thinking of you, @Sashas Mum, treasure the memories.
  3. @Janine 1How is your little puppy doing now?
  4. $1000 is pretty high for a rescue, in my experience, although the adopter is getting a fully vet worked animal - vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, worming, dental and skin treatment if needed plus the costs (food, etc.) of keeping the animal in foster for as long as it takes to have it ready for adoption. Then there's the unpaid costs of home checks and often hours of emails and vetting potential adopters to place the animal in the right home for it. In my years of rescue there was never anything like a profit, always out of pocket expenses. I'd suggest that you contact rescue organisations in your State and tell them what you are looking for - make the connection so that if and when an animal becomes adoptable, they will contact you.
  5. I thought it was pronounced the same as Sirocco, but just looked up the pronunciation and it seems it is Shuh-ro-kow, which is different!
  6. When I used to pick up my grandchildren from Primary school, the area for car parking was alongside a large park. Every Magpie season the birds used the park's large old trees to nest and bring up their babies and there was one particular Magpie who was more "vigilant" than the others. All people picking up their children took to carrying an umbrella and using it at the first sign of swooping. Usually problem solved, it only lasted a few weeks and humans and birds all went back to normal activity! Why we need to kill birds and animals who are in their natural habitat, doing what they do naturally, is beyond me. Avoid the area for a few weeks, take a different route or carry an umbrella or similar .
  7. He is so lovely! @Kirislin Just a few names I thought of - Merlin, because something about him says "Magical" and Scirocco, which is a Mediterranean wind - and we all know how sighthounds can run!
  8. I remember when you posted about Pickles and her "very own" way of walking. I'm so sorry that she has left you, @tdierikx. She paved her own way and brought her special brand of happiness to you. Safe in your heart and playing again with Trouble and Zeddy.
  9. Is the puppy microchipped to your name or to the breeder?
  10. So sorry to hear @Sashas Mum. Your beautiful girl will live on in your heart and good memories, forever loved and remembered.
  11. What a lovely boy Dobby was. I agree it seems harder to adopt in recent years. Have you had a look at Jack Russell Rescue's facebook site? Jill is an experienced rescuer who rescues and rehomes Jack Russells and their crosses and although based in NSW, I think they will adopt interstate as well (not sure where you are). Dogzonline has a list of breeders of pure bred dogs and they sometimes have ex show dogs for adoption. You could also contact reputable rescue organisations and let them know what you are looking for and leave your details so they can inform you if a good match for your family becomes available for adoption. Good luck with your search!
  12. I'm not a vet, but it sounds like you need a specialist vet to look at your boy. I'm also not in Qld, but wondering if a call to UQ vet would give you some answers. Someone in Qld might have some suggestions. Hoping for the best for you both.
  13. Have just seen this @persephone. I'm so sorry. Dear little Tallie, forever in your heart.
  14. I'm so sorry to read this. As we know, all your dogs have received first class care and love over the years and Mezza was certainly no exception. To lose one is heartbreaking enough, but your four in twelve months is so hard to take in. Please know I am thinking of you, @Loving my Oldies. They break our hearts but they also fill them with love and good memories.
  15. Here for a good time, not a long time. My sympathy on the loss of Boomer. Such a wise, beautiful face - so glad he knew comfort and love with you.
  16. My first dog was on Propalin a long time ago, and from memory there were no side effects and it was definitely of benefit. The doseage goes on weight so that's something to watch out for if Mezza is not eating well and has lost weight - may need adjustment?
  17. She's beautiful, @julesluvscavs. I know she will fill the gap that Miah left in her own special way and be great company for Toby. What a wonderful Christmas present.
  18. Great updates, @Loving my Oldies - you can relax and enjoy the day now.
  19. What a little sweetheart! A good choice.
  20. Beautiful memories to treasure of your lovely girl.
  21. I'm so sorry, @felix. Losing two in a short space of time is very tough. They looked like beautiful boys.
  22. Just to add - I'd be putting in a complaint to Council for not following up a dog attack and simply handing the dog back to the owner with no penalty. Next time, it mightn't end so well for someone else.
  23. I'm so sorry . Tamar was a lucky girl to live such a wonderful life with you and be so loved. We, who have had the joy of loving an old dog, and having them in our lives, are truly blessed. Thinking of you.
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