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  1. That's an interesting question! I wasn't aware there were any side effects but will have to do some research.
  2. Saturday Senior

    My two new senior ladies. Just to keep the page going and because senior dogs give the best cuddles!
  3. Italian Greyhounds

    Thanks @Beltar - they are settling in well and are definitely little cuddlers!
  4. Jasper

    What a dear little dog - so sorry for your daughter and family. Always hard to lose a good dog.
  5. Italian Greyhounds

    Their big brother (not an Italian) is a bit confused having two girls land at his place, but he's a good big brother!
  6. Polly’s passing

    My sympathy to you on the passing of your sweet girl. I guess we all know that empty feeling when they are no longer with us. I hope, in time, your happy memories of Polly will make you remember her with a smile.
  7. Italian Greyhounds

    My two new tiny girls have just passed their trial period with me through Iggy Rescue and have decided they are staying. They are 9 years old and have had a rough life before being taken into care. Their foster carer has done an amazing job with them to get them housetrained, vet worked and healthy and they are cuddly little sweethearts, who are enjoying life's comforts in my home.
  8. pet shops helping rescues

    Microchipping isn't mandatory in the ACT?
  9. Im really afraid to walk my dog

    Post in General Discussion - more people will see it there and offer suggestions.
  10. Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair?

    We have a vacuum repair business and the amount of blockages because the owner didn't empty the bag, replace the filter or sucked up totally inappropriate stuff that should never be sucked up is amazing. A simple clean goes a long way. Husband also sold vacuums for many years and we have been pet owners forever, so the best type of vacuum for deep cleans is one with a powerhead and with a bag - emptied frequently. I also have a stick Dyson which is very handy for quick cleanups but empty that after every use and wash out as needed.
  11. The Evil Beagle

    I remember reading about the Evil Beagle on DOL and having had a Beagle as our first dog, I understood! Beagles are so special and I am so sorry that your special girl has left, Huski. Beautiful memories to treasure always.
  12. Words don't come easy

    I'm so sorry to hear that Jarrah has left. Keep her memories close.
  13. Italian Greyhounds

    Hopefully soon. I adopted mine as an old dog when she needed a new home. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time with her. Just got to get through a few life events first and I will be looking for another girl in the same situation . Once you've had one, you have to have another.
  14. Italian Greyhounds

    Beautiful little darlings. I so miss my Italian Greyhound girl.