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  1. Mooch City is in Mourning

    So very sad to hear that your Bunter has passed away. I remember reading about him when you adopted him and the funny bits through the years. The gap that they leave in our lives is huge and it's probably only then that we realise how very much a part of our lives they were. He had the good fortune to come into your home and be safe and loved for his last 9 years. Although the time we have our dogs is never enough, what you gave Bunter in those 9 years was everything to him. Keep your good memories safe in your heart - Bunter is there already. Thinking of you.
  2. Looking for non-standard size dog crate

    Would a soft crate suit your dog rather than a wire one? The XL one is still 107cm but may be more "squashable" to fit inside your vehicle.
  3. Jester 13/05/2007 - 06/01/2020

    I'm so sorry, BJ. I hope your beautiful boy has found Nash. They leave such an empty space in our homes and our hearts when they leave us.
  4. Basil

    @Boronia oh he was , that describes him beautifully.
  5. Basil

  6. Basil

    We had quite the journey, Bas. From the moment you chose me in the pound - when I wasn't even thinking of another dog, we had a bond. That bond grew with time and training, through early morning walks in the park, through other dogs in your home. I just knew what you would do. When I had a fall while walking you, you just sat by my side until eventually help came along. You weren't going anywhere without me. It isn't fair that Megaesophagus, then pneumonia, claimed you so quickly when you were too young and had so much love left to share. I hope you are playing with our other dogs who have passed and barking at the Magpies. I'm sure they would still be laughing at you, you couldn't hurt a fly. You were one cool little dude and our very good boy and you've left such a gap in our lives. I'm so glad I brought you home that day and kept you. I think you knew you would never leave. Safe in that little corner of my heart where all good dogs live.
  7. Megaesophagus

    After a battery of tests on Christmas Eve, my Basil has been diagnosed with Megaesophagus. We're waiting on the results of some of the tests to see if they can determine a cause. We're quite devastated by what's happened in a relatively short amount of time - we were investigating a collapsed trachea, but this is far worse. I'm interested to hear if anyone has gone through this with their dog and if so, how did you cope with the management and change in lifestyle? I know about elevated feeding and the Bailey chair, which apparently isn't available in Australia to buy, but some handy people have made one. Anything, really that might help. Our healthy, cheeky boy has gone downhill rapidly and it's heartbreaking.
  8. Just saw this and today is the date that the puppy was supposed to be picked up, so this information may be irrelevant now. Tamworth is the closest airport to Quirindi and there's only one airline (Fly Corporate) that goes to Brisbane direct and that's only several flights a week. It's a small plane so I don't think there would be provision for animals to be transported. The only breeder advertising has had a litter on 15 December so doesn't sound like them. Quirindi is a very small place. My advice would be to be very careful. If you have missed out on this puppy, source a good breeder close to Toowoomba so you are able to see the setup before you choose.
  9. Last Goodbye 14/12/19

    I'm so sorry. Another sweetheart for the Rainbow Bridge. Keep the good memories of your girl safe in your heart.
  10. Goodbye Dozer

    Very sad to hear your boy has left. My Tuppence died one year ago with an aggressive MCT, so sudden and so unfair. So glad that you have beautiful memories of Dozer to keep safe in your heart.
  11. What a beautiful girl. We have taken the hard flap off our doggy door for our two little ones - it was too hard for their tiny heads to push. We get the odd fly finding the gap now and then, but it makes life so much easier to have the girls use the door.
  12. Unknown sickness in small dog

    If she were mine, I'd get to the vet as soon as possible. It could be any number of things. I hope she will be okay.
  13. Goodbye Zephy Man

    I, too, always loved seeing the pictures of your beautiful dogs on Dol. I'm so sorry that Zephyr had to leave - what a productive and good life he lived. I hope he is reunited with all the others and has found some sheep to herd. His memory will live on.
  14. The owner kept the microchip active all that time and changed her details! How wonderful it would be if all owners did the right thing and gave them and their pets the best chance of being reunited if the worst should happen.
  15. An aged fox hound

    While I agree Brock has some challenges which would definitely be obstacles to anyone wanting to adopt him, there are many of us who like senior dogs with few years left in them - and often they surprise us with many extra, good years. I hope there is someone out there who can meet his challenges.