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  1. I certainly hope it isn't. When a question is answered in good faith, I 'd be very annoyed to find it's a setup. @Knightrogue, can you verify?
  2. Mine have come from all over the place - pet shop (many, many years ago before I knew anything !), pound, rescue, and the latest little one is a purebred, whose owners passed away and a very good rescue helped the family members to rehome her. They have all found me - I wasn't looking! With the latest, she had to tick a lot of boxes - most important was that she would fit in with my current dog and our lifestyle at this time. I think we fit in with her lifestyle, but she is a treasure. With any dog, I think it is vital to be honest with what you want and can cope with, i.e. are you looking for an active dog, do you want to groom constantly, can you cope with an older dog with perhaps medications, how much time are you prepared to put in, do you have children, etc. Lots to consider. Find either a good breeder or a reputable rescue - do your research carefully.
  3. RIP Genevieve

    So very sad. My condolences to you all. I hope when your heart has healed a little, it might be the right time to take in another lovely soul who will not replace Genevieve, but add to your life. Sleep well, beautiful Genevieve, you certainly were loved.
  4. Remembering Gypsy - 7 years on...

    I remember you and your lovely Gypsy too, Rach - hope life has been kind to you. I still have the little suncatcher with the dog on it that you made a long time ago, still is attached to the glass door and throws up rainbows with the morning sun. @k9angel

    Routine and time have worked for me. Make her day (and night) as structured as possible - food at the same times, bed time routine the same. It's like children who feel safe with knowing what happens in their day, it will make her comfortable in time. What a lovely home she will have with you, hope she learns that in time!
  6. Kira (my sweet girl) 2003 - 2018

    The pictures show what a well loved girl your Kira was. So sorry to hear that she has passed - another beautiful DOL dog gone to play with the others who have left us.
  7. Veterinary records/notes retention

    Dogs can, and do, definitely die from hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. When my boy had it, my vet said that time is of the essence in getting treatment. I had a very sick boy on a drip at the vet for several days. It can come on quite quickly without any prior signs. My first sign with my dog was him pooing blood and we went straight to the vet, and after treatment, my dog recovered well. No idea if this was the problem with your little one and I'm so sorry this happened to him and to you.
  8. Is this poster for real? I certainly hope not.
  9. Nash, my gentle giant.

    How beautiful that your faces were the last thing he saw, and your arms the last thing he felt. He would have known how much you loved him. I hope he is running the boundaries of doggy heaven and waiting for you.
  10. Kaos

    So sorry to hear, Teebs. She was a beautiful girl.
  11. Assistance with combining medications please

    How is Bunter now? Hope all has settled down and the vet was able to give you advice.
  12. Coping with old age

    Ned left us this week. Easter was heartbreaking as he had several falls and was a very distressed dog. The vet suspects that a tumour might have made him go blind relatively quickly and contributed to his erratic behaviour, but we'll never know for sure. He was just an old, unwell dog that I had to step up and call time on.
  13. Ned 2003-2018

    "The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of its master." Good dog, Neddy - 2003-2018
  14. Why on earth would they need a "Bequest Officer" for a website to promote rescue animals?
  15. Kaos - lymphoma

    I'm so sorry, Teebs. Going through it too and it's the worst. It's good they don't know they are sick.