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  1. So very sorry to read about your little Tonka. I always liked seeing his little face on your posts and can imagine how sad you must be.
  2. There are absolutely no guarantees that crossing breeds will give you anything but a cross bred dog.
  3. It can be an old dog thing - perhaps slight incontinence, but in my experience with old dogs they do not like to soil where they sleep. Can you put the crate in an enclosed area where you can put puppy pads down at night and leave the crate door open? I've also found that the type of food fed can affect night time bathroom breaks. Mine are fed the same diet but on the occasions that they have a small amount of skinless bbq chicken, invariably one or both will need to go during the night. Feed dinner a little earlier and give him ample time to be outside before bed.
  4. @Loving my Oldies- it says you can't receive messages on DOL. I've sent you an email, check the junk folder if not showing. I've read the post and just have a question you might be able to help with regarding Ralphie.
  5. @Loving my Oldies- are you able to receive messages? I need to contact you regarding Dazzy please.
  6. Have you sourced any breeders of your chosen breeds? Might be worth doing to see if/when litters are planned - you could be in for a wait, and also to ask any questions regarding the breed.
  7. Sooty certainly got lucky for the last three years he spent with you. I'm so sorry he has gone but as always, they leave us with lovely memories. I've learnt that there is always another dog who needs a place to call home, at least that's what happens at my place! So glad you have adopted the sisters. They look very much at home, and will be a comfort for Shala.
  8. Any chance of something like a snake/possum/unusual animal or bird in the yard that may have spooked her @Katdogs? Maybe with her sight not being as sharp, it may have been enough to really upset her? Lots of possibilities - I hope she is doing well now.
  9. How fortunate was Sonny that you took a chance on him and brought him into your care all those years ago. What special memories he has left you. I guess we all wish they never had to go, but the time spent with them is always so beautiful and our dogs give us so much.
  10. A beautiful dog and a very fitting tribute. So sorry she has passed but what a legacy and lovely memories she has left.
  11. In NSW the legalities are that microchipped animals where the owner's details are not on a registry or otherwise uncontactable, are kept for 14 days before being eligible for adoption or to go to rescue if not claimed by their owner. Unmicrochipped animals are kept for 7 days. The first place to look (not just ring) is the pound, then all the vets in the area. The local lost and found pages often have good results but there have certainly been instances where a non owner has claimed a dog from the finder. Our pound will only insist an impounded animal is microchipped (very small fee) before handing back to the owner, and is quite proactive with their facebook in attempts to reunite lost animals with their owner. After being in rescue for a long time lost animals are a particular interest for me - I just hate to see people doing the wrong thing.
  12. Where I am in regional NSW, lost animals are under the jurisdiction of the pound and should be taken there so their owner can hopefully find them . However, depending on the circumstances and what you had with you at the time, i.e. a leash, it may be possible to secure the dog. Of course taking all due care to keep yourself safe. Doorknocking is a possibility - often animals are only a few doors away from home and not lost at all. Here we can take them to a vet for a microchip check which may reunite them with their owner, but if not or no microchip, they need to go to the pound. I am amazed at the number of posts on facebook with lost animals that say they will keep them "safe" in their backyard until the owner is found - how on earth is an owner to know where? Many people also think they can go to rescues and there are some dodgy rescues who will take lost animals and rehome them. Different States have different rules with lost animals though so it all depends. In your circumstances you did all you could.
  13. The comments are very telling. It seems the admin of that particular page doesn't believe Biden is President or covid /vaccines exist, and says that all Governments will be cut by 10% for some weird reason. I doubt that they have anything to start a class action or any idea of what is involved - and I doubt anyone would take it on.
  14. Sooty looks very relaxed and well cared for there, LMO. She knows she's loved.
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