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  1. Misha and Milo

    So sad to hear. Misha and Milo had long years of care and love with you and your family - what more could our loved pets want? I hope your little foxy x fills the gap left behind a little and brings you joy.
  2. A very cute little boy - I can imagine the wait would be hard, but so worth it!

    A ten year old Chihuahua may very likely have pain issues from patella problems, dental, or any manner of medical events, which could be causing aggression. I helped a little chi from the pound with such severe dental issues that his jaw had broken. No one had noticed. I agree a thorough vet evaluation would be the first thing to do, if not already done. If all checks out okay, you will need to manage your little dog with its own space and being kept away from situations that increase anxiety. Ten year old tiny dogs may very likely not want to interact a lot with visitors, children etc. and that's okay. It may just come down to making sure all the medical needs are covered and management, if you are prepared to do so.
  4. Rescuer found guilty

    If she was a carer, where is the checking and due diligence from the rescue group? Vetting of foster carers should be a no brainer for an ethical rescue group. Sadly ,anyone can set themselves up and call it a rescue group , when it can be anything but good rescue. It seems any donations here weren't being used for the animals' benefit.
  5. Goodbye my gorgeous girl

    Beautiful words for your girl. A mast cell tumour took my girl quickly too. Minty will be in that little corner of your heart where all good dogs live.
  6. Saturday Senior

    Been there and done that @Loving my Oldies - and I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm between oldies at the moment as my little Tuppence passed away on New Years Eve. I only have my 7 year old (positively young!) boy at the moment and even though it is expensive and I'm retired too, there will be a spot for another when they find us. I'm not missing out on those wonderful older dog cuddles !
  7. Saturday Senior

    Always so many oldies in need of a retirement home. I wish more people knew how loving they are.
  8. Why would anyone still use that site? There may be rehomings, but to me,what the groups lose in donations and their profile would not be worth it. The new Rescue Network one looks good, but will only work if enough groups support it.
  9. Saturday Senior

    Thanks @Panto for reviving the thread - it bought me my dear Tuppence for not long enough. I hope it gives a platform for other dogs in need.
  10. DeDe (Parkwell MissDemeanor)

    Another sweet little one to fly with the Angels. They take a piece of our hearts when they go.
  11. A new girl at Myrtle Street - Sooty

    Must have missed this while on holidays. What a sweet little one! She has certainly landed in the right place to rehabilitate and grow stronger, which it seems she is already doing so well.
  12. Our precious girl, 11 year old Italian Greyhound Tuppence left us yesterday. We adopted her 15 months ago after her elderly parents passed away. She developed a lump under her front leg and became ill on Christmas Eve and an xray and Fine Needle Biopsy revealed an aggressive, inoperable Mast Cell tumour. She came home with pain relief and palliative care but sadly, the tumour quickly took hold and it became too much to bear for her fragile little body. Tuppy, we held you and kissed your little velvet head while you flew to the Angels. We don't regret a minute of the 15 months we had you and we miss you badly today. They say it takes a brave soul to take on the oldies. I don't feel brave - I feel lucky to have had you in our life. Sleep well, little one, we won't forget you.
  13. Bull terrier puppy mill

    Re. the post first quoted by asal, it states that the "breeder" called the RSPCA for help as the fire situation was worsening and she knew she wouldn't be able to get the dogs out in time - does it then make sense that the RSPCA would lock the "breeder" in her house for FOURTEEN hours while fire danger got closer and closer? I also can't understand why other owners would leave their dogs with this person - were they bull terriers too ( there were no other breeds evident) and why didn't they take their dog with them when they evacuated? The conditions the dogs were kept in and the whole setup were totally disgusting and didn't occur that day - that took a very long time. Posts on facebook often don't let the truth get in the way of a good story.
  14. Bye Bye Button

    What a sweet, wise face. I'm sorry Button has left, but what a lovely life she had with you.