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  1. The Moo

    We never forget our good dogs @moosmum. You have beautiful memories of yours.
  2. Sodapop the spunk rat

    What a little cutie!
  3. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar diagnosed

    Dear little Tamar
  4. Your First Dog

    Our first family dog was a Beagle x Kelpie the kids called Marley. The first few years were "interesting" and she sure taught us lots about living with dogs. She grew into the most sweetest natured girl that we loved for all of her 17 years with us. After having two more "Marlies" over the years (of different breeds) including a current one , we affectionally refer to our first as "Big Marley". Many other dogs have come and gone but I'll never forget her.
  5. Delete

    How long would the dog be alone in the apartment every day?
  6. Goodbye my precious boy

    I'm so sorry. What a beautiful little boy he was. As for dealing with the pain and loss - having lost many dogs over the years, it is always the same. The joy, love and companionship they offer us are the reasons most of us will eventually have another dog in our lives. Be kind to yourself and keep your lovely memories of Kane close to your heart.
  7. Bye, BRUCE the sheep :(

    Bruce sure got lucky when he came to you. Hope he has gone where there is lots of low hanging fruit, pups to chase and dreams to dream.
  8. Upper Motor Neurone Disease - Tamar diagnosed

    I'm sorry your little Tamar has this. I've no experience with dogs with MND but my father died from it and it's a progressive disease that only gets worse. The specialist told our family that the progression (in humans) depends on where the symptoms first manifest. In my father's case, he kept stumbling on his daily walk, so they think it started in his legs, but he didn't seek help until he had constant twitches in his arm - by this time it had progressed upward. I think talking to the vet who diagnosed Tamar, as you were going to do, would be the best because progression in dogs may be very different. It's my guess wheels may not be much of a help, as her muscles in other areas will probably not be able to support her, but be guided by the vet's experience. It doesn't affect the brain at all. Make your house as safe as possible for her and enjoy your time with her. Not much help, but wanted to let you know I am thinking of you both.
  9. New arrivals

    Nothing like an old dog - and an old Beagle is so beautiful. Our first dog, a Beagle x , lived to 17 years and was the sweetest girl ever. It's always a privilege to look after an oldie and they certainly teach us a thing or two!
  10. What My Vet Said About Fleas

    I've just put my older, tiny girls back onto Nexgard Spectra. They are old and don't leave the house/yard too often but I think the wet weather and rapid growth of vegetation has brought in grass fleas and mites so it's a good idea. A good bath and a preventative would be the best idea, but considering Justice's medical history, a phone call to your vet to ask which one would be the best for him would set your mind at ease. With the house, thorough vacuuming is the best - wash the sheets, dog blankets, wipe down couches and vacuum every couple of days (pay attention to skirting boards) and empty the bag or clean out the canister after every vacuum. Also hot wash tiles, floors. I also spray with Eucalyptus spray around the bottom of couches and skirting boards - it's meant to repel fleas as they don't like the smell but it's also natural and freshens everything. Pretty well normal cleaning, except maybe a bit more often! With the car - a hot wash of the cover and some vacs of the car should be all you need. I'm not sure about the chemical spray causing toxicity but maybe something to ask your vet as well? The less chemicals the better, I think, but sometimes they might be necessary to control the little blighters in the environment. Hope it helps a bit!
  11. Whatever Jeune wants Jeune gets - update 9 April

    I've just read this @Loving my Oldies. So very sorry to hear that your Jeune has left. I know from your posts over the years that she had the best life, as did all your dogs. It's so very hard in some ways living with the oldies but for every heartbreak when they go, they give us so much during their long times with us. Jeune was a special girl who knew a lot of love and care with you.
  12. Messy Diagnosis & Treatment

    It's so hard, Sandgrubber. I lost my Basil at New year - he was only 7. Somehow it makes it worse. Thinking of you and sending sincere sympathy on the loss of your sweet Patty.
  13. Three Feet from Devotion

    I'm so sorry, Tikira. Kira will be even closer than 3 feet now - she is in your heart.
  14. Mooch City is in Mourning

    So very sad to hear that your Bunter has passed away. I remember reading about him when you adopted him and the funny bits through the years. The gap that they leave in our lives is huge and it's probably only then that we realise how very much a part of our lives they were. He had the good fortune to come into your home and be safe and loved for his last 9 years. Although the time we have our dogs is never enough, what you gave Bunter in those 9 years was everything to him. Keep your good memories safe in your heart - Bunter is there already. Thinking of you.
  15. Looking for non-standard size dog crate

    Would a soft crate suit your dog rather than a wire one? The XL one is still 107cm but may be more "squashable" to fit inside your vehicle.