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Tonka is having little turns

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So this week twice now my little papillon Tonka has had a kind of episode or turn. I notice because he suddenly starts trying to get on top of me and appears anxious and clingy. He can't seem to be still and paces with the occasional jumping as if he has a sudden pain or sensation. It does seem to pass after half an hour to an hour. He is panting and wining a bit . He is 13 soon and the first time it occurred i did ring the Emergency Vet and was advised to monitor him. I kind of feel it isn't severe or frequent enough to take him to the vet. I had a full check uplast year with bloods and everything was generally good. There was mention of him possibly having very early Cushing Disease I think?? Anyway it is my first experience with an aging dog. I thought he might be dying the other night. Today was less severe.

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How worrying. 

it does seem like these is pain somewhere ..he is feeling it ..and trying to escape it /get comfort ?  Sounds as if a very thorough and gentle check could be helpful .
Keep a diary .
before/after food or drink?
before/after walk/gettong on /off furniture? 
what do his pupils do ? 
is he defecating& urinating normally?
sleeping in different positions? 
tongue a different shade of pink? 

..all good info :)


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Stussy has been doing a similar thing now for about a year. She is 11 in October. The vet couldn't find anything so I've been told to document and if possible film the episodes as that is helpful for the vet to determine what might be going on. Hers happen maybe every 3 or so months and she might be asleep and suddenly start moving around unable to settle and panting and then starts having full body tremors. She can't focus on anything and seems to need contact/comfort. No sign of pain and no whining but definately something not quite right. She gets quite tired and clingy afterwards. I previously had an epileptic dog so it is not a seizure of the same severity but something is definately not right for her.

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