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Judy and Kev

Sweet Rosie. Only 3..too soon!

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Our amazing, sweet, cheeky, silly, smart, funny completely adorable Rosie passed last week, aged 3.

Emergency vets discovered, as they were desperately trying to resuscitate her, she had a cancer in her heart, a secondary from liver cancer!!!

NOT once, despite previous tests for various things, did ANYTHING point to her having any form of cancer in her body.

She was being tested for an auto-immune disease...but NO results from anything showed signs of this!!

Vets were dumbfounded!

BEYOND DEVESTATED  and missing this little soul SOOOOOO very very much!!!!

Her brother Rupert, Springer Spaniel,  passed, aged 14, only a few months ago; that was hard enough!!!!!

We have, thank gawd…. our other precious bubbas, Daisy, rescued, also 3 & Springer Spaniel as well, and Tayla, a rescued Staffie, along with 4 cats and 2 Budgies.

I truly feel she will tell us when and who, but somehow she will come back.

I have been searching rescue sites. A rescue Springer I feel. I know in Australia they are rare, but when it is right, so it shall be!!


Rosie's eyes.jpg

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So sorry to read this.


i did immediately think of this recent thread. I don’t know if the dog is still in need 




also keep keep an eye out here 


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