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The AKC Art Collection With Miss Pickle The Frenchie

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Dolers may enjoy this;

The AKC Art Collection With Miss Pickle The Frenchie


(and that is the oddest Wire Fox Terrier I have ever seen! :confused: )




Come Explore The AKC Art Collection With Miss Pickle The Frenchie

By Randa KrissJun 02, 2016
French Bulldog Pickle at the AKC Art Collection


Here at the AKC we have an amazing art collection that we would like all of you to see. We couldn’t think of a better way to show it than with our favorite art loving French Bulldog, Miss Pickle, from @PickleBeholding.



This is Pickle, a five-year-old local of Brooklyn, New York. She loves art and sharing that love with all of her friends.

With the help of her owner, Katie Ward, Pickle goes to galleries and museums to pose with fine art. She shares the images with her followers on her Instagram @PickleBeholding, and website ArtBlogDogBlog.com.

See Pickle pose in front of some amazing works of dog-art below.

pickle silent sorrow


Maud Earl, Silent Sorrow, 1910 oil on canvas

“Why is this dog so sad? Being at the AKC is great fun!” — Pickle

This painting depicts Caesar a Wire Fox Terrier, and the favorite dog of King Edward VII, mourning his death. King Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria, died in 1910, the year the painting was commissioned by the Royal Family. The piece was painted by Maud Earl, an artist born in England, but who moved to the United States in 1915. Her career as an artist spanned nearly 40 years and the AKC has several of her works in our collection from the 1890s through the 1930s.


pickle i hear a voice


Maud Earl, I Hear a Voice, 1896

“I’ve never met a St. Bernard, I think we could be great friends.” – Pickle

This painting is another work of artist Maud Earl. The St. Bernard in the painting is Ch. Frandley Stephanie. Stephanie was owned by a Mrs. Jagger, who, in 1894, became the first female approved to judge St. Bernards in England. As indicated in the title, the painting is supposed to evoke the image of a St. Bernard listening for the voices of distant stranded travelers in the Swiss Alps.


pickle leda


Percival Leonard Rousseau, Leda, 1893

“Do you think he will share that pheasant with me?” – Pickle
This is the most valuable painting in the AKC Collection. Artist Rousseau was from Louisiana and maintained a kennel of hunting dogs, which he trained both to hunt in the field and to pose for his paintings. He also competed in field trials. You can see the pheasant the English Setter is pointing to in the lower right corner of the painting.


pickle bea godsol


J. Dwight Bridge, Portrait of Bea Godsol, 1930

“I’m a purebread dog too, but my job is to look cute on your lap.” – Pickle

This painting depicts Bea Godsol and her Sealyham Terriers. Godsol was a very prominent woman in the sport of purebred dogs in the 1930s through the 1960s and only the second female granted an all-breed judging license. In 1968, Godsol judged Best In Show at the Westminstier Kennel Club dog show and was named Gaines Woman of the Year. The artist of this painting is J. Dwight Bridge, known for his work as a portrait artist. Ronald H. Menaker generously donated this painting to the AKC Humane Fund.


pickle call to duty


Painting: Charlotte Sorre, Call to Duty
Sculpture: DogNY, America’s tribute to search and rescue dogs

“These dogs are true heroes. I’m glad they have been honored in this way.” – Pickle

This oil painting, depicting both German Shepherds and a Labrador Retriever, was commissioned byAKC to memorialize the heroic contributions made by canine search and rescue teams during the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Like the painting, this sculpture was created in recognition of the dogs who served America on September 11.


pickle celebrating frenchies


“Celebrating Frenchies”

“Apparently there is a history of frenchies looking at art… I thought I was the only one.” — Pickle

The book is titled “Celebrating Frenchies.” It was published in 2003, in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of The French Bullytin Magazine, the breed magazine for the French Bulldog. The book includes breed standards in different countries, a history of the breed, as well as French Bulldog art, as depicted here.


pickle french bulldog


S. Raphael, French Bulldog

“They missed the white fur on my chin and neck… this needs to be sent back to the artist.” – Pickle

Not much is known about S. Raphael or his painting of this French Bulldog. It is known that Raphael was a 20th century American artist. This painting has been in the AKC Collection since 1940, so it is at least over 76 years old.


pickle trophy case


AKC Trophy Case 

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I did enjoy .
You find all sorts of goodies to share , boronia ..  


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