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I want to become a registered dog breeder

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For a long time now i have wanted to become a dog breeder, but haven't been in the right living arrangement, until recently. I've owned two dogs in my lifetime, one was a family dog, Belgian Shepard (Tervuren) the other was my own dog which was a beagle. Both dogs lived until old age and passed from health complications at 10 & 11 years old, they were both pets and completed obedience training.


What id like to do now is to step it up in the dog world and settle on a single breed that interests me greatly and take part in dog showing as well as a more long term goal of breeding. The dog that most interests me is a Lagotto Romagnolo, so now for the questions - 


What advice to people have for someone in my position? How did you all start with dogs and how did it progress to dog breeding? Step by step, what does it take to become a registered breeder?


Thanks in Advance!

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If you go with lagottos, watch out for inbreeding or close line breeding, and avoid anything with iffy temperament.  The breeder I'm thinking of recently died (shot liver from drinking)... but there are folks going for the $$$ who are ruining the breed by breeding anything they can get their hands on.  It takes a lot of careful research and selection to revive a breed that was near extinction. 

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To become a registered breeder, you first become a paid up member of your state ANKC affiliate, in your case DogsWest.
After 12 months of membership and provided that you are the sole owner of a main registered bitch, you are then entitled to sit for the breeder's prefix exam. This exam tests your knowledge on subjects such as dog husbandry, animal genetics,care of pregnant and lactating bitches and puppies, correct rearing and socialisation of puppies etc.etc.etc. You must pass the exam and be awarded your prefix BEFORE you mate your bitch.

During the time you are waiting for eligibility to sit the exam, you will be studying and learning as much about your chosen breed as you can.

I see that DogsWest holds regular education nights for those who wish to breed, so contact the Dogs West office to find out more.

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Besides Ruralpugs good post you need to go to shows ,there are very few Lagottos shown in Perth  and not at every show .

You have very limited choices of breeders here so you may have to look east .


Although the first thing you need to be committed too is grooming for the show ring .

So first off become a Lagotto owner ,learn about the breed,the breed standard .


The biggest question to answer is why should I breed these dogs .

What do I have to offer the breed,my buyers.


Progression for most brought a dog ,started showing ,first dog not really up to scratch for breeding so started with something new during this time commitment to showing established ,fellow breeders feel your trustworthy especially as you will be relying on Eastern State breeders for support when potentially looking for stud dogs 




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