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Man repeatedly punches dog in attack caught on CCTV in Mackay

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I wish when the councils / rspca / police etc asked for help with situations like this - that they would post screenshots of just the people involved so you’re not forced to watch the video over and over to see if you recognise the person. 


Edit. Just read a news snippet that the person has been identified and the dog has been found too. Behind a paywall so no other info

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This footage really disturbed me when I first saw it. I'm glad the person has been caught and the dog is no longer in their care and is getting vet care. I truly do not understand how people can be so angry as to hold down and punch an animal repeatedly. That dog would've been screaming in fear and yet he didn't stop till the dog got loose. I hope he is ostracised by his community (because lets face it, he wont serve jail time) until he proves he is capable of behaving in an acceptable and controlled manner in his society.

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