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Questions on homeopathic medications

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We have been treating our dog with medications the Vet gave us but someone also suggested we try some homeopathic medication and gave us a few things to try via another Vet; we checked with our Vet (not a homeopathic one) and they said they should be fine to take.


Anyway, not a big fan of putting a million different things into her body, especially since they weren't given to us specifically by our Vet, but at the same time we want to do everything we can to help her recover - just wary as they weren't exactly on her "treatment plan" as I said.


Anyway, the homeopathic meds we got given were:


  • Traumeel (tablets)
  • Arnica (Pellets)
  • Hypericum (Pellets)


I did a lot of research on these items and they sound good, but I also have my concerns.


  • I noticed Traumeel has both Arnica + Hypericum listed as ingredients, so are the extra pellets really necessary and I assume wouldn't cause an overdose?
  • My research on Arnica states you should wait at least 15 mins AFTER using it to give food OR wait 15 mins after food to give them Arnica - but Traumeel contains Arnica and I don't see any such recommendations for this, in fact we were told to mix it WITH food. We actually did give her one tablet of Traumeel with food, so I hope that was ok!? Does anybody know the reason why you have to wait 15 mins either side?
  • I have read that using the herb of Arnica (Wolf's Bane) or Hypericum (St. John's Wart) would be toxic to dogs, but this is different to using the homeopathic versions correct such as the ones listed above?


A quote I read on Arnica was:



It is vital to note that too much Arnica Montana can be incredibly poisonous for both dogs and people. The chemical composition of Arnica Montana includes the toxic natural ingredient helenalin. Interestingly enough, helenalin actually contributes to Arnica Montana’s anti-inflammatory properties. However, when ingested in large amounts, several adverse side-effects are known to arise. Such as accelerated heart rate, weakness, liver inflammation, internal bleeding, and even death.

It is unclear if this is just referencing the Herb or the homeopathic version as well!?


I read these about Hypericum in another discussion I found:



I once did use an herb on another cat, 7 years ago, and I think it led to his eventual kidney failure, about a year later. After I had used it, I had contact with a vet who was most alarmed and told me that there would be ... eventually, some health problem, due to that herb, which was in a small vial, and the herb began with a 'c' .. but I can't recall what it was ..


In humans, this herb will cause "blood thinning". I would be careful and get a second opinion. St. John's Wart is so much of a blood thinner that one has to stop taking it 2 weeks before a surgical procedure.

But it sounds like these points don't affect the homeopathic versions and only the herb?


Lastly I also read this on Hypericum:



However, Raditic says it can cause side effects like gastric upset and sleepiness in dogs and can interfere with any number of veterinary prescription drugs. The plant is also potentially toxic to both cats and dogs, according to the ASPCA.

Instead of giving St. John’s Wort, Raditic recommends other herbal formulas like valerian root, chamomile or hops (an ingredient in beer).

Unclear if that is about the Herb only or Homeopathic versions as well, I think it's only regarding the herb - full article (first slide): https://www.pawculture.com/pet-wellness/natural/9-holistic-pet-treatments-you-should-skip/


Does anyone have much knowledge in this area and can give us any advice?


Thanks very much!

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Traumeel did nothing for my dog when prescribed.


Arnica I have used on both myself and my dogs. Certainly was effective on me and the dogs seemed better. Have only used it for less then a week and it was a tablet. (I have used an ointment on me with much success as well)

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Homeopathic and actual herb versions are very very different .
Why not contact the person who prescribed the medications & ask them ? 
From what I was taught , homeopathics are best given with a clean mouth ...for absorption purposes.
I have used homeopathic arnica on dogs with no problems.

Homeopathy is one of those "divide the room" modalities ... scientifically, there is nothing to suggest why it should work . :) 
IMO It does in many cases, and  can be most useful . :)


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You may  also   get some answers from the very helpful folks at Mc Dowell's Herbal  they use some homeopathic treatments along with their vast range of herbal products .

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