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searching for a companion for my Mother

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Long time no post :D I'm quite out of the rescue loop these days but thought I'd drop in here to see if anyone can help.

My Mother is having some trouble trying to find the right little companion for her, she's retired but active and is looking for a cute little adult female, who would be up for a daily amble, walks along the beach, lap warming and general spoiling. She's always owned female dogs and so that is a preference, small dogs only and alert barking is fine but preferably not a dog that will bark at everything that goes by as her house is situated next to a walkway that gets a fair bit of foot traffic.

She will be an only dog but needs to be good with other dogs as my Mum occasionally looks after a neighbours dogs. Preferably not a super young dog, definitely no puppies :D I'd say 3-8 years old is a good range.

we're in QLD (she lives at Redcliffe) her yard is fully fenced and she has a wonderful home to offer <3 

We're checking petrescue and adopt-a-dog but thought I'd post here in case there are some breed rescues or dogs not advertised on either of those websites that might be looking for a forever home :)



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Gosh .... long time no see you here.  :xmaswave:  :xmaswave:


So many little dogs in the pounds down here.  What about looking at the FB pages of them or websites?


Hawkesbury (Friends of Hawkesbury Pound on FB)

Campbelltown (Campbelltown Lost Found Injured Pets)


Hopefully others will contribute to the list.






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GAP grey - now hear me out, The elderly parents of an old friend of mine were after a small rescue dog - no luck. I suggested a GAP greyhound and after their laughter subsided, they did their research and discovered what a great breed greyhounds are for elderly folk (lounge lizards and not trip hazards among other things). They fostered to adopt and now have three greys in the family. :)

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Here's some SE Qld Rescues that often have smaller dogs.  I know because I have to monitor them for any Tibetan Spaniels needing help.


4Paws Animal Rescue in the Sunshine Coast region;

Chihuahua Rescue Qld takes in small breed 'honorary' chihuahuas (they've had Tibbies, for example).

Tails of the Forgotten in Gold Coast region (I've seen lovely small dogs there)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue Qld.

All above have Facebook Pages.

Poodle Club of Qld has  Rescue services.   One person takes care of the Standards & another looks after the Toy and Miniature.  Contact details on their website.



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