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Xtra Large Dog Door to be fitted into glass

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Just wondering if anyone has purchased an extra large dog door that was fitted into glass (not timber nor wire screen but into glass)? 


I look after large dogs at my place - anything from staffies upwards therefore I get the occasional Neopolitan Mastiff, Newfoundland and a multitude of varying humungous dogs.  I have one of those dog doors that sits in the tracks of a sliding door (like this: https://www.temporarypetdoor.com.au/aluminiumpetdoor.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjwiILsBRCGARIsAHKQWLO72shLGFiHcAVY_8FU-vTBTxV1jO20FDcNTg67icWF9wJHZvEsKKYaAvXxEALw_wcB) but that means that the door opening for me is now too narrow for me to come & go out of.  I have a suitable glass window that a dog door could be fitted into but trying to find one is near impossible & I am hoping that someone may have already been down the track of sourcing such a thing?

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I have a dog door in the glass.  I had to have the glass replaced as it is safety glass and can only be factory cut.  The glass needed replacing anyway so it was a no brainer for me.  I think it cost about $430 all up for a sliding door size.  The glazier also supplied the dog door which turned out to be useless as it never stayed shut, even in the slightest breeze.  It was from Bunnings.


So we replaced it with this one - lovely strong magnet and no problems:  https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/253863008798  


A quick Google has also shown these:  https://australiapetdoors.com.au/product-category/extra-large-dog-doors/  All suitable for pre-cut safety glass.

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