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Welsh Corgi

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Hey all,

I'd appreciate some advice/names of breeders for Welsh Corgi's please (Pembroke preferably but also interested in Cardigan). 

We're looking for a puppy to potentially welcome into our home sometime next year, maybe shortly after Christmas, but that could change so I'm not wanting to view puppies or be put onto any kind of official waiting list at this stage.


We have discussed what breed would fit in with our life style.
We're total opposites with what dog we want!

He would love something small like a Chihuahua and I've always wanted to have a Siberian Husky. Neither of these breeds would work for us though regardless of how much we want them. 
We've been discussing it for about a year and every time we brain storm breeds, and the positive and negatives of them, we always resort to a Corgi as our most suitable. 


We understand it is a very desirable breed in short supply. And the price for them is quite up there too.
Hence why I'm asking for more information in advance before we go looking.
I understand there is a breeders index here but I'm mostly looking for breeders who are willing to discuss the breed with me who may have pups available next year.



What we are looking for in a puppy:
In general we just want a healthy puppy with a suitable personality and are not picky with the specifics. 
1. Colour does not matter, however I prefer the standard fawn&white and my partner likes tri.
2. Gender doesn't matter. Male preferred (only because I have a male name I really like haha).  
3. Tail is fine! I adore the natural tailless/short tail though. 
4. We are not specifically looking for a show quality dog. Traits that are not breed standard (blue eyes, fluffy, etc) in a puppy would be fine for us.

5. We want the puppy to have parents that have had all their breed testing done (hip scores, ect).

6. We don't want a puppy that will breed (not even back with the breeder). We will desex the dog when of age.
7. We will want to meet the puppy before purchase, even if that requires us to travel interstate.


A little about my partner & I:

I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse working as a Dog Groomer. My partner works as a Software Developer. 

We are currently building our own home which we expect to move in to by September this year. 
We own 2 cats, reptiles and large fish.

I have had dogs all my life however this will be my partners first dog.  


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You will have to go on a wait list for a Corgi or you won’t get one . 

Start approaching breeders now whose dogs you like the look of . 

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Agree if you want a Corgi off either kind then you need to put your name down or certainly find the breeder that will best suit you .
I would imagine for a Corgi you are looking more at 12 months wait so you do need to start doing your own ground work .

Maybe also consider the Swedish Valhund ,breeders are just as few as well

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Yes definitely approach breeders now and discuss things. 

also another breed I thought of maybe to look at is the Schipperke. 

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