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Pomeranian grooming

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We recently took on a 7 year old male Pomeranian who was being rehomed. He’s a beautiful little dog and doesn’t have the issues we expected after conversations with the previous owner, but my current dilemma is his coat. He’s not going to be shown or anything like that, and while I love his fuzzy coat and often tell him he’s got his pyjamas on, it is coming into summer and it will get hot. We live in Alice Springs, so I’m talking up to 47 sometimes. He will be in air con, but unless I don’t let him out of the house while the sun is up, he’s going to feel the heat. Already we are at 35+. He’s got tiles, evaporative air con and split systems to stay cool, as well as a cool mat. But he’s already panting running around the house. 
I took him to local groomers and asked them to thin his coat, but I couldn’t tell a difference when I picked him up. I had a poodle for 15 years, and due to being on acerage she got ‘shorn’ on a regular basis to stop grass seeds etc being an issue.  My concern is, if I clipper him short, and the undercoat doesn’t grow back, does it lead to other issues? Ie is it like ingrown hairs or does it just not grow? We have 4 dogs, so having to leave him out of anything we do (except walking, I know he can’t do that but the other little dog is older as well so they stay home) will just stress him out more. 
in reality, I’m less concerned about him looking cute than I am about him overheating just by being a dog. Had anyone clipped short and regretted it later?

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Many groomers will shout out and say don’t clip double coats but in all seriousness I’ve never met a dog with a double coat who’s been anything other than happy & relieved to get that coat off. If you want him ‘short but not shaved’ ask the groomer to use the 10mm or 12mm guard comb, or if they use blades, a 3# or 4#. If you want him quite smooth, a 7# blade is a popular choice. 
Pomeranian are unfortunately one breed who’s coat often seems to grow back a bit funky, where the undercoat is slow to catch up with the guard coat, or occasionally, doesn’t really grow back much at all. 
but if you’re after comfort over looks, I’d go for the haircut. 
My personal Chow Chow I used to clip him later in his life. He’d go from a panting stressed out mess to a bouncing happy dog, and his coat was always perfectly groomed out, but despite having a perfectly maintained coat, the haircut made all the difference 

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It is best not to clip a dog with a double coat however if you feel your dog would be better off don’t clip too short, not only does it wreck the coat but it also leaves no protection from the sun and heat, shaving a dog in summer doesn’t make it more comfortable but clipping to a medium length can help.

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First off a dog panting is normal and how it cools it’s system down.

If the Poms coat is actually correct texture it will be cooler with it than the shaved returning coat .A good coat doesn’t have the undercoat .

im a groomer and not anti shaving but we get dogs in with great correct coats and explain that what they want done will not change nothing .It generally makes the owners think differently.


You have a very little dog once clipped ,there not like most other Spitz breeds with more body and bulk to give protection .


If your wanting it clipped off to be easier to live with then that’s an answer but generally not to make cooler .


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