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Help me pick a breed?

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2 hours ago, moosmum said:

As an example, this time last year you could expect to find  between 2 and 3 thousand adds on Gumtree in N.S.W alone. Now its pretty much between 3 and 4 hundred.

Wow in SA it’s currently 

.... 3 or 4. No zeros. Just 3 or 4 dogs ! 

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Of the breeds you have listed I personally would put the Samoyed at the top of the list, they tend to be bouncy, happy, easy going dogs, ideal around young kids although probably not the best guard dogs.

I grew up with 2 GSD’s they were both amazing tolerant dogs but were extremely protective especially the female, nobody could get anywhere near us. 

Another breed you might not have considered is a Bearded Collie, they are amazing with kids, are very smart and so easy to train, you can clip their coat to any length you like, they tend to be very social and love lots of activity.
They will bark (and they have a good bark) if anyone is around but are useless guard dogs, they’d rather lick someone to death.

This is our girl.



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4 hours ago, moosmum said:



Glad I am not looking there!


Current situation on gumtree in SA! 
And a total of 12 ‘litters’ on DOL breeder pages. No wonder the boutique puppy sellers are having a field day....mind you, they’re even hard to get here! 


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Hi Lemon,


We have two Kelpie x Collies and they are a total delight around kids especially.VERY devoted and affectionate,will run and catch a ball for hours and hours with the boys.  Never really bark (although there is always someone at home). They launch at anyone aiming to harm their people or home though...but otherwise are very non-aggressive.You need to check on the specific dogs' nature from the foster family but ours have brought untold joy and playful affection to our home for years. My niece is blind & autistic too...and when she is with us they instinctively never leave her side,very protective:-)

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There are several adult German Shepherds available from kennels on the Dogzonline German Shepherd breed pages at the moment. An adult dog might be a safer bet than a puppy for a few of the breeds you’ve mentioned, including GSDs. I’ve owned several lovely GSDs but when I was training my last GSD I saw some highly overexcitable GSDs come to the GSD club for training. 

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