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A good idea


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   This is a great idea. A family dog- a little Shih Tzu many years ago had a terrible accident from falling into a pool. I had left home a few years before and my family had moved house to somewhere with a pool. There were no fencing requirements at the time-external only not from the pool to the house.  She did not pass away- but they phoned me to say they had come home to her swimming around and around the pool trying to get out! They had been gone for three hours so goodness knows how long she had been in there!  There were steps into the pool but nothing a little  Shih Tzu could climb out of with those tiny front legs and a coat heavy with water. They told me they had rushed her to the vet but she had water on the lungs- and a cough for the rest of her life. A the time they were pensioners so  I think the option of getting the pool fenced straight away was not an option for them. This idea may have prevented this from happening!


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