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pet microchip registry woes

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Seems like there are quite a few of these around. We are in the process of getting a chip re registered in our names and found this site

It seems for $24 you can update your pets details in their database - all very easy - a bit too easy I thought -


We are attempting to get a chip regd in our name via HomeSafeID and communicating with a helpful lady who reckons she's never heard of the above site. She is helping us get the job done and it looks like a couple more steps and were done.

There was a mess up initially with the paper work when we adopted a pup a few years ago. We were told the newly chipped pup's rego details would be automatically updated to show us as the owners. We paid our adoption fees and all good. Or so we thought until we attempted to find out if we were the regd owners earlier this year. We are not as it turns out and we've been having the devils own job getting things sorted out.

To make matters worse We adopted a new pup last week and same thing happened only this time we got some papers but as we found out on getting home with our new little mate we find the papers are for a different dog.  We've sent those back to the rescue group but as yet no paperwork forthcoming. We have the pup's chip number but she's not registered to us again GRRRR!!! Looks like were in for a similar ride.

Is there a central website one can log in and check the details of a chip?

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We took on an older rescue dog earlier this year. (We are in Qld).


I made contact with our vet and she was able to lookup the microchip to let us know what company the little one was registered with.


We then made contact with that company and just had to complete a statutory declaration. 


Apparently they then attempt to contact the registered owner and if there is no reply in 3 weeks the dog could be transferred to us, which is what occurred.


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14 hours ago, old_picker said:

Is there a central website one can log in and check the details of a chip?

Pet address should tell you what registry the chip is on- but I don’t think it includes the NSW government one, access to that is limited I think. 


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Thanks all - we were able to find that our dog, Cassi, is in fact currently held in the homesafe ID site. Our contact who is helping us get the rego transferred works for or with them.

Thanks all for the helpful comments

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