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Wanting to adopt a female Golden Retriever or Labrador.

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Hello. I hope I have chosen the right topic area for this notice.

I have been searching for a few months for either a female 2-4 year old Golden Retriever or Labrador around 2-4 years of age. The dog can be an ex-breeding or one that is not suitable for breeding, or one that simply needs a new home


I can and will provide a comprehensive expression of interest if required, but will provide a simple summary about us and what we could provide a dog.


1. We are a retired couple, so we are home more often than not.We do not have children or other animals

2. We live in Caringbah South (a southern Sydney suburb) Our home is large and all on one level. 
3. We have excellent 6ft Colour Bond fencing with secure side gates that are always locked.

4. Our dog would have excellent bedding, either inside or outside on our covered back deck. Our dog could sleep anywhere they like. 
5. Our dog would be exercised daily, as my husband is a keen walker. We also have lots of parks, bush trails and we are a 10 minute drive to the beach 

6. We lost our 16 year old Golden Retriever a few months ago. We had her from 12 weeks old. She was our baby and we were devastated when she passed. However, we do know that a new dog would not replace our old dog, as every dog brings a different personality and traits. But above all they bring lots of joy, love and loyalty.

7. We do travel a few times a year for around 10days at a time and our dog would be very well looked after by our neighbour in her home.Our neighbour has a 15 yr old Border Collie, who is calm and quite submissive.

8 We are financially independent and are able to provide the best Veterinary care and grooming possible. We would also provide any medication or training required of our new dog. 
9. Our lifestyle is very laid back, we enjoy walking, seeing friends, having BBQ and spending time in our home and garden. 

In summary, I hope the above gives a short snap shot of what we are like as potential owners and also that we can honestly provide a loving caring home to a dog that we would be lucky to have. 

Thanking you for reading. 








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