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Looking for pedigree Pups overseas

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Most people make friends of breeders in their chosen breed. And start the ball rolling that way. It helps if you are friends with breeders here who can vouch for you. It won't be quick or easy. I don't know of overseas forums.

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With a lot off homework and prepared to take a risk .

You contact Breeders off the dogs your interested in and go from there .

If you have specific preferences you can’t get here you will have to trust the breeder to find your ideal and keep it .

Learn about the import requirements for the country and what category in comes under and if required to do residency in another country .


Ensure it’s registered with a recognised FCI body if mains papers is important for here .


Costs will vary as to what the breeder wishes to charge plus for boarding until reaching the age it can be exported which unless changed is around 9 months .


Its not easy and is costly and requires more than just looking at a forum page as not all Breeders advertise even on DOL.

You will need to build a trust relationship,deal with language barriers and also depending on the breed a potential different breed standard .

Trust handing money over before the dog is to leave and a breeder who is either offay with exporting happy to do the ore travel work or happy for an agent to step in .

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