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My little 5 month old pug needs to have the breathing correction operation and was wondering if anyone can recommend a reputable vet they have had it done by here in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast....really want a reputable experienced and hopefully affordable specialist/vet that i can use 

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On 6/8/2022 at 10:52 AM, Powerlegs said:

I would contact a few of the pug rescues, many need corrective surgery of some sort. @~Anne~ do you have any leads? :) 


I’ve got a few I could refer in NSW, but none up north. 

It’s generally a ‘relatively’ simple procedure to do the nares and resect a palate. Many general practice vets can do it, if they’ve had the experience. 

5 months is young to already be considering surgery. Given the age, it sounds like it could be a more severe form of obstructive airways syndrome so I’d be inclined to seek someone with good knowledge. 

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