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Old, but happy :)


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Our old girl, Dulcie, used to be a top sheep dog , many years ago. She now is free-range and sleeps on a bed in the porch . Deaf as a post , and her bark is husky , but she still thinks she is young, and gets some speed happening when the pack is moving! Every so often she will trot the 300 mtrs to the river and have a paddle , or search for suitable smelly dead fish ... She quite often barks at things in the night  LOL , and keeps me company in the (outside) loo. 
What warmed my heart was the other day, when she devoured a WHOLE rabbit - leaving just the tail !! It took her a while , but she ate the lot - and her tea that night! 
( rabbit calicivirus goes thru the local population every so often, and provides the dogs with a smorgasbord!!) 

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