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Update on Molly the Magpie: Nations Fury After Magpie Taken From Family


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2 hours ago, Rebanne said:

they don't want to lose face :mad


And to hell with what is the actual best welfare outcome for Molly... we must stick to the law regardless he'll actually be WORSE off that if he'd been left where he was... FFS!


Here's a link to the "expert wildlife carers" whose constant reporting of Molly's lifestyle caused him to be taken away from everything he's ever known and doomed to be caged for the rest of his life... https://www.facebook.com/wildanimalsaustralia/posts/pfbid0hzHgCnDWirrRh7WRTtt9Cz6QuRw8B1dkKgC6bdCRToHxpe8LT3FzmYDH4jGAKwPVl


Feel free to share the link to the above far and wide, so everyone knows what bastards they are.



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