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Herding Training

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Earlier this year Mooper had a thread about Jack and his herding training and we have just started so wondering how us newbies at this are faring.

We have been taking our four and its interesting to see how they work individually.

Skye is a natural, cool calm and collected; Jazz (her first day today), worked much better in the bigger area but a little unsure;

Jemma bless her thinks that herding means walk with Mum; whilst Panda (my black sheep of the family) is AWESOME and the instructors are very kindly highly praising of his work.

Forgot the camera.

We have our HIC on 09 Sept for all four and then will be taking Panda on from there.

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We've only just started herding (only been twice). My dog absolutely loved it!! Our trainers are extremely helpful and nice.

We will also be doing our first trial (HIC) on the 9th & 10th of September. Can't wait. :laugh:

With a little more training hopefully we'll pass. :laugh:

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We only get to some form of training once a month, if that. I think Jack has had four herding weekends in total now ... and has a longggg way to go.

Our last weekend was in late July, I think, with Jim Luce at Bungonia. Jack was a total turkey in the small paddock (his first time out of the yard) and was more interested in chasing the farm dog than he was in working the sheep himself :mad For his second run, Jim suggested we took him into the yard and we worked really nicely just with me. He wasn't so keen on Jim, who had cracked the whip once and Jack didn't like the sound. But once Jim stepped out of the yard, Jack did what he had do to.

That was, however, the first time he's grabbed a sheep :eek: and I'm not keen to see him continue with that behaviour.

Our next herding day is with beginners at Yass (with Charlie Cover) in early September, so we'll see how we go then!

It's interesting to compare different trainers and different sheep. Jim's sheep were the most laid-back mob ever. The ones we've had a Binalong have been more flighty. Charlie's sheep at Yass are apparently used to being worked by all breeds so we'll see how we go :rofl:

We're still having fun, and just starting to put sides on Jack away from sheep, so still have a long way to go. We haven't done any herding instinct tests or anything yet. He's really not that bright :D so I think we'll just keep going for fun :cheer:

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Even though Lana LOVED herding the one time we have tried it... not too many training options down here! (Thank god she hasnt worked out that our neighbours have sheep otherwise she may have found her own solution!!!)

Does anyone keep runner ducks to train with their dogs?

I am looking into it... but im just not sure it is worth it if im going to uni in a couple of years!

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Hi Razzle, Yes both days so it will be easier for you to find the person with the four shelties as there are none others going. Look forward to meeting you and your dog.

Mooper, Jazz and Jemma, havent quite got the hang of it, so we moved them into a bigger area on Friday and they were much better. Yep we continue for the fun and the mental excercise for them. None of mine have nipped yet.

The sheep here are Damara and they are more like goats :rofl: .

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Hi Hesapandabear, we had another session today and she's getting better. She's already finding the 'balance' point and getting the hang of what needs to be done (she thinks it's game when we first start :confused: ). We haven't moved into the larger paddock yet.

I look forward to meeting you and your dogs.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh me loves you :mad Fellow herding nuts, lend me your ears :confused:

Rosie has been having some private lessons and LOVING IT!!!! We did our HIC a few weeks back and Rosie passed with flying colours and have been practising our HIT at training since, Rosie isn't the problem it's her Mumma who can't tell the difference from her left and right foot and trips over them :party:

The little darlin actually corrects me ie. I send her round and she goes back because as I'm walking backwards thinking I'm fully in charge, she has noticed a sheep about to break and corrects them whilst I'm yelling get around, she gives me this rather withering look as if to say "Mother, I know what I'm doing" :rofl: .

Puhleaseeee send all your "get it together Riles" vibes my way :rofl:

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Where are you located, caninecoach?

Here in Canberra, we are fortunate to have sheepherding opportunities on small NSW towns all around us: in Bungendore, Michelago, Bungonia, Yass and Binalong.

I've also heard of herding in Echuca VIC, up north in Uralla (nr Armidale), and in Camden. There are probably more that I'm forgetting!

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Just for you and Banjo, Hedds :rofl:

Fluffy-butt cam ... :)

EDIT: In Jack's defence, I should add that his handler isn't that crash-hot, either. I see in this shot that I look like I'm about to do a Chris Evert-Lloyd backhand with that plastic bag :laugh::crazy:

Edited by Mooper
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Poor fluffy butt banjo has passed his HIC and is improving all the time, and still his mum laughs at him :)

As for my queen of fluffy butts she has gained a pass at PT, and is getting practice in more or less every week when tracking doesnt intervene....her biggest probelm remains that the sight of sheep makes her toilet even when she doesnt need to, not real helpful in trials :laugh:

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Geez Moop, lighten that shot up a bit color wise and they are twins for sure. I gotta get some fluff butt shots of Banjo asap. :)

Listen DD, there is 'improving' and there is 'plodding along'. :laugh: Mr B and I will continue having fun - might even get our HIT by, um, say 2020....

And Skye would like me to remind you that 'when a lady has to go', well, you know the rest. :crazy:

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