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  1. Eridor China Roses worked beautifully yesterday to gain her HT title. She also received a most promising dog award. The weekend prior, she passed her TQT at Morwell tracking trial. Congrats Riley and Rosie - way to go. Edited coz I stuffed up the most promising award bit. Sorry Pocket
  2. Congratulationss Cosmolo, hang onto that happy feeling you have with her, try not to get distracted or dissapointed, thats not what its meant to be about. No one goes into the ring to get a NQ score..... its just what happens on the day. Everyone who has been in there knows how many ways the wheels can fall off. :p You hang onto the postitives, and scratch your head and go home and work on the negatives. Being part of the day is what counts, so brag away. Good on you, and everyone else giving it a bash.
  3. There is a quiet achiever amongst us, who never says much unless she can be of some help. So I want to publicly congratulate her on BOTH her dogs passing their Track 6 and becoming Champions at last weekends Trial in Victoria. No small feat considering the weather and conditions. CONGRATULATIONS DOGDAYZ!!! ;)
  4. I started this thread 18 months ago, and today it finishes. My best friend has gone to Rainbow Bridge. She went in my arms, and tried to lick the tears slowly leaking down my face away as she calmly waited to go. She was just too worn out and tired to stay any longer. She went the way she had lived her whole life, with dignity, and pride. She is not alone, she has taken a huge chunk of me with her, there is a big hole inside me that cant be filled. A special thank you to Dr Avril Williams, who has been so wonderful the past few months, and who so kindly came here so Jem could be at ho
  5. Geez Moop, lighten that shot up a bit color wise and they are twins for sure. I gotta get some fluff butt shots of Banjo asap. Listen DD, there is 'improving' and there is 'plodding along'. Mr B and I will continue having fun - might even get our HIT by, um, say 2020.... And Skye would like me to remind you that 'when a lady has to go', well, you know the rest.
  6. Ah Moop, told ya Banjo and Jack are brothers! Must be the fluffy butt gene?
  7. I also feed 'part BARF'. I always have a bag of eagle pack holistic dry food around, and I use it as an bulk up for feeds, not a replacement. I couldnt do any sort of BARF cheaply without a chest freezer (2nd hand) especially for dog food. We buy a box of chicken frames for $5, and get roughly 40-50 frames in a box. I buy bulk chopped beef, roo etc from a greyhound supplier (have to take it home and re bag it into day sized bags) and bones I pick up where ever I see them dirt cheap. The three that I feed here had a shank each yesterday (it was a treat after a big weekend) coz I was in the
  8. Interesting read this thread, and a good giggle. One point I'd like to comment on please, if thats ok. Its stated quite a few pages back that you shouldn't have a dog or recommend anyone have a dog unless you/they can give it one hour a day of their time. Is one hour a day enough interaction to have a well behaved, socially balanced dog? Would be interested in your opinions. (sorry to drag the topic away from visuals of HR topless with stockwhip in hand)
  9. Oh No....... What a wonderful look he had about him. A faithful loved friend, to the end. :D to all those missing him right now. RIP Saba
  10. My old girl is on Sasha's Blend, and a monthly cartrophen injection. She is 16, and has been on 3 legs since she was 4. It is so obvious now when she's getting due for her shot, that I think this winter we might even give them to her a bit closer as they make such a difference to her quality of life, and its all about quality now for us. I have tried different joint foods over the years with her, even equine ones. For her, the cartrophen gets us through winter and has more effect. But I have heard other cases where it is the opposite. I guess we just try everything we can for our pr
  11. Please can we not make this thread about judge bashing? I pushed it back up to congratulate dogdayz and Skye. So much work goes into organising any day, fun or official. Pm'ing each if you are going to name people would be a 'nicer' option. JMHO of course.
  12. Well this comp was today......... and only a few DOLers turned up and competed in the crappy wet weather. I've dragged this thread back up to congratulate dogdayz and Skye for their great score and WIN today. Skye is just working better and better, and today was no different. All those short coated dogs who wouldnt drop or stay on that wet soggy ground. Miss Skye lay there on her beautiful collie coat and wondered what all the fuss was about. :D :D As for the rest of you slackers who DIDNT turn up, :D
  13. I've only just seen this for the first time - I dont come in here very often, coz it makes me all choked up and stoopid. So sad for you fifi . I am so sorry to read your news. I know this :D is late, sorry. ;) RIP beautiful fluffy golden girl....... :cool:
  14. Wow. I'm wondering if the OP got anything out of all that. You make it this far Goldy? *disclaimer* I am not a trainer, mind controler, or singer in any shape or form
  15. Aw YEY Jack! Boofers rule! What fun you had Moops, thanks so much for sharing, its a great run down of a fab weekend. Jack is so smart. But, we all knew that already. I cant wait to see a pic of Jack in with the sheep. Dont you dare go to another one without bringing back some pics! Anyone else get any pics of your weekend? :p
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