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  1. yes ...... I wonder what puppy was like 'at home' .
  2. <<<Should I try being really firm with her when she does it so she knows it's wrong and see if I can get her to stop? >>> if you don't know WHY she is doing it , and you are not certain on your technique - it may make things worse .... perhaps, after a thorough vet check .. try this &nbsp;CLICK &nbsp; If you want , take a couple of photos , or a video & post here ... that gives a better idea of her body language , etc ...
  3. @Firsttimecavmun I hope you don't think we are being pushy or over-the-top. This IS unusual behaviour for any pup , and you did the best thing in coming to ask . It DOES need professional assessment ... Definitely contact the breeder with your findings - they need to know .. and please keep us updated .
  4. Definitely! Ideally , you should seek help from a VETERINARY BEHAVIOURIST - who can check everything physical and temperament-wise. if you would like some help finding someone , just let folks on here know roughly where you are .
  5. Have you spoken with the breeder at all ? Do you know how puppies were raised ? Were they indoors/ socialised /outdoors /in a kennel ... The breeder .. what do they do with pups? Show , maybe ? Ok .. is there any chance puppy has an injury at all ?
  6. Hi and welcome How old is your puppy ? Did you meet her mum/other puppies in the litter at the breeders? What were they like ? How was puppy with the vet at her first "hi, I'm a new pup and am here for a quick checkover" appointment ?
  7. Ash and Pudden this evening ...
  8. WOW!! You and that little camera do a brilliant job
  9. In another lifetime , when just about all cats were freeranging the city burbs ..I lost one to an irate neighbour .. and had one miraculously survive a car incident .Mine were even then, indoors at night , and when I was not home ... When I moved back to the bush .. my family couldn't believe I kept the cats indoors /with access to a wired 'cage'. That all changed once they got to know the cats .. Having somewhere for your cat to be safely housed can be cheap as chips, really --- for years I have used a discarded aviary - obtained free after it was tossed around in a storm . It is approx 15ft x 6ft X 7 ft and attaches to the house . It is kitted out with perches/logs etc . The cats have a view of the bantams/budgies ..and also of visitors to the birdbath alongside I figure that if dogs are to be kept confined and under control , then so should cats ...
  10. Ok
  11. Seems you've done some research, which is good. if you get a pup - bear in mind it is a BABY - will need feeding 4 or so times a day ..watching and working to keep it safe , vet care , and puppy training It will need to be kept indoors , toilet training ..all that stuff. Who will feed it /look after it when you are away ..either at School . or out of an evening/weekend ? have a read here: CLICK
  12. hello, Zagan
  13. What is it ?One a week , or ?
  14. Weeedssss