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  1. Sorry everyone! I knew I had done something wrong last night but my brain wasn't working because I was tired. And like I said, the whole thing wasn't going to show what I wanted anyway & I was too tired to work it out. I have added an option for "none" at the bottom of the second question. Jarrah & Whisper, are slinkers, they just want to slink around behind you & be whereever you are. Jarrah's fav place in a storm is under my desk in the office, my guess is because it's dark under there. He's fine if he's in his crate. Whisper just wants to be inside, ears go back, tail goes down & they both pant, but only a little bit. Jonty is a barker, he just barks when there is a storm coming, whether he's inside or out.
  2. I have been wondering about this for a few weeks now since storm season is upon us & I read on DOL all the time about dogs that are scared of storms. Both Jarrah (Kelpie) & Whisper (BC) don't like storms, they aren't to the stage of being slobbering drooling wrecks, but are definitely stressed by them & always want to be in the house if there is a storm coming. Jonty our Sheltie is also a bit stressy, but not too bad, he mainly barks at the storm. Ebony (GSD) couldn't give 2 hoots. So working on our household's stats, 50% are storm phobic in our household, if everyone could vote for how many dogs you have & how many are scared of storms I think it might give us an indication of the percentage of dogs who don't like storms. ETA - actually, I'm not sure if the poll is going to work out the way I thought it would anyway, maybe just tell us :laugh: .
  3. So Cute! I love it when they sleep like that :) I took this pic yesterday morning when I got out of bed
  4. Jarrah sleeps on a bed next to my side of the bed. Although quite often in summer he goes & plonks himself next to the door (I think there is usually a breeze coming through under the door). Jonty sleeps in a crate in the family room, Whisper sleeps in Jarrah's crate in the dining room (because she barks all bloody night if she gets left out ). Ebony sleeps outside, usually on her bed by the back door.
  5. Yes I would give the dog back. None of our dogs ever wear collars unless we take them out on leads. Do the old DOLers remember poor Kirsty who lost one of her dogs & the other one had horrible injuries to it's mouth after they got tangled up when they were playing? I have never left a collar on our dogs since that day . I still remember her posting about how she came home to find one dog choked to death & the other one lying next to it with it's jaw caught in it's collar . I never trust anyone to look after Jarrah while we are away, the other dogs are very well behaved but he us downright naughty for anyone but me, so he always goes in the kennels. When Dagboy & I went to the US in July we left the other 3 dogs & the boys at home with my sister & BIL looking after them, but Jarrah still went in the kennels.
  6. I wonder if they tend to change colour depending where, & on what, they are living? Like chameleons & some other lizards. That one looks exactly the right sort of colour to blend in with the lizard it was found on.
  7. I agree with Sheena, Lisey's tick doesn't look like a paralysis tick from what I can see, but it's difficult to be sure because of the pic. Skyfool's looks like a bush tick, although I have never seen one that colour.
  8. Wow, fabulous photos everyone & amazing colours, wish I could use my camera that well, all I know how to do (apart from auto point & shoot) is take pics of beads :laugh: .
  9. We have had a whole spate of dog thefts here in Brisbane. The police have warned about the thefts & info about it (including the ribbons) has been in lots of different media (tv news, radio & newspaper).
  10. I can't work out what breed it is!!!! :laugh: Not a kelpie, that's for sure :laugh: .
  11. I just want to say that I'm not saying that it is abusive or anything like that, I just think that people who can think up these sorts of things are weird - mainly because I couldn't think up some of those things if you gave me a hundred lifetimes :laugh: . The article states that the grooming takes 2 hours & it's very possible that they have a break in that time. Anyway, I don't think that 2 hours is excessively long for a dog to be groomed, particularly if it is used to it. The name of the thread is the name of the article, not because I think it's taken too far. :)
  12. What the hell?!?!?!? Dog grooming competitions
  13. I have just caught up with this thread, congratulations to everyone on their legs & titles that they have achieved since i was in here last. Love to see everyone's dogs enjoying themselves so much, Shandy's waggy tail says it all really, DWD is awesome fun! Jarrah is going absolutely stir crazy to work, he throws tricks at me left, right & centre whenever he's out of his crate, his latest one is to chase his tail, grab it & spin around in circles, he thinks it's great fun :laugh: .
  14. Hi Kallistar, so sorry I haven't responded, I don't come into this section very often & only just thought to check back here. Glad to hear that your routine is going well, I can well sympathise about falling over &/or forgetting your routine because I do the later on a regular basis :laugh: . In fact at our last competition down the Gold Coast I walked into the ring with the steward & promptly turned around to her & said "I've forgotten how my routine starts, what routine am I doing?" :laugh: . I had to do a little fluffing around with my dog & getting positioned etc until I remembered what I was supposed to be doing . Sorry to hear that Tux has problems with his eyes, does it get better once the first flush of Spring has gone or does he suffer from it year round? My kelpie Jarrah gets an itchy rash, sore eyes & loses the hair around his eyes if he eats red meat. No problem when his dry food is chicken based, but he's the worst counter-surfer & bin thief I've ever met in my life, so he constantly has bald & gunky eyes. When we were in the UK last time he was in the kennels for 8 weeks with no opportunity to steal food & I came back to a dog with hair around his eyes . Good luck with the Royal (is it this coming week?), we are off to Michelle P this weekend, really looking forward to it, I have a private lesson on Friday as well, first time I've ever had one so I'm pretty excited.
  15. I haven't watched the video but I can tell you anyway, Jonty & Whisper will scunge pats & cuddles all day from anyone willing to keep patting :laugh: . Jarrah, my kelpie, only wants pats from me if we aren't working. As soon as he switches into drive patting becomes something to be avoided, he will duck away if he possibly can & his body language is perfectly clear - patting is not what he wants! He doesn't like pats from other people at any time, he's just not interested in other people - well unless they have a toy or food :laugh: .
  16. Kallistar, hope they haven't turned too feral while you've been away. Schatzi'sMum, thank you. We will be at Michelle P's Qld seminar, I'm guessing BC4Me will be there as well. Wish I could find my MP DVD so I could watch it before we go!
  17. Thanks Kallistar, do you have all your music, routine & costume etc sorted for the Royal yet?
  18. Thanks Maree, yes it is definitely a very challenging environment, I think even more so than the Ekka. No one was there to take a video so I can't look back at it & judge for myself, I can only go on my gut feeling. My marks from the 3 judges varied by 10 points , I guess that's why we have 3 judges because every judge's interpretation is different. :)
  19. :provoke: don't you read the posts on the DWD yahoo email list Tassie? :p :laugh: Didn't have to...had a secret source rofl....but you need to brag here for those that don't have "the knowledge " ;-) A secret source :laugh: . OK, for those that don't know, Jarrah & I got our first leg & second place in Advanced Freestyle yesterday at the Brisbane Royal ( <-----me doing the happy dance :laugh: ). Thanks to BC4ME for me to do it, it was my first trial in 10 months & our first trial in the advanced class & I nearly pulled out altogether because I didn't have my new advanced routine ready, but in the end I did my intermediate routine (with much ad libing because I forgot most of it :laugh: ) instead. If I missed out before mrsd I will say it again congrats to you:). (im in Hervey bay atm) . Am catching up a little bit on what has been happening here when I go to internet cafe. Can't believe that my hols are nearly over and I get to see my kids soon Thanks Kallistar, I didn't know you were away on holiday, hope you are enjoying yourself! I managed another qualifier in Advanced Freestyle today at our Gold Coast competition, it was most definitely NOT his best performance ever, but I was just happy to qualify. I did my Intermediate routine again, at this rate I will have my Advanced Freetsyle title before my advanced freestyle routine is ready :laugh: .
  20. :laugh: That wouldn't make for a very impressive set!
  21. Looks like a ACD X to me, it's very cute! Um......what?! :laugh: Bruce the man of the house felt bad that Rocky the Boxer was losing his balls so his ultimatium for the dog getting neutered was that he got testicular implants Well, there's another use for those black jellybeans I don't like ...
  22. I would have said a GSP, but a very muscley one!
  23. A few months back my brother was over visiting & I was showing him a new trick that Jonty, our sheltie, had learnt where, on cue, he goes over to a mark or object on the floor & "digs". Jarrah (my kelpie) was outside on the verandah looking in through the glass french doors while Jonty went over to the spot, "dug" at the floor & got a treat as his reward. I could see Jarrah outside absolutely busting to come in & do some training, so I sent Jonty outside & let Jarrah in, whereby he promptly raced over to the spot where Jonty had been & dug at the floor madly & then quickly turned around & looked at me saying "Where's *my* treat?" :laugh: . I just stood there in shock looking at him & so he went back to digging again, then looked at me again as if to say "Geeez, what do I have to do to earn that bloody click?" :laugh: You have to wonder - he had never ever seen Jonty do it before or watched him being trained (Jonty gets trained downstairs while Jarrah gets trained upstairs & Jarrah is locked away from Jonty because they don't get on), had never been taught it himself or seen another dog do it, yet he watched Jonty do it & then came in & did exactly the same thing in the same spot & then turned around & waited for his reward.
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