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  1. It can be frustrating. Once I had narrowed down the breed I started to attend dog shows and a particular line kept being mentioned so I found out what shows that breeder would be at and essentially stalked them lol. Doing that actually put me in contact with a breeder who bred the same lines.
  2. Can you send me the link, please Sezy. Want to see the little girl who will be holidaying at my place for a while. :D :D Hopefully this works :) https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207947106570620&id=1085885349&set=o.153684537999274&source=48
  3. She was picked up at central station. I saw her post on a lost and found page. So hope it's a happy ending.
  4. I have about 10kg's of supercoat (fish one) and a medium size dog crate to donate. Food is fine, it's only that I changed to a different brand as my guys were no longer doing well on it. Crate isn't in the best condition but can still contain a dog. My boy has given it a beating over the years. Would like both gone asap.
  5. Goodbye My Special Ness Girl

    It's lovely. I never found the right words for my heart cat. 11 years on she still has just her name. My little man that followed her has just that, he was and always will be my little man!
  6. Goodbye My Special Ness Girl

    Oh no Fly free sweet girl xx
  7. Hi, Just wondering if there are any laws/rules/regulations around tying up a dog in a public space?? We have a park across the road from our house and my daughter and I went for a walk around it today and a swf was tied up to a chair by a retractable lead with no owner in sight. We stopped with it for a moment trying to decide what to do as taking it home wasn't an option as my 2 dogs aren't particularly friendly with all dogs. As we crossed the road to head home it's owner showed up, he lives just around the corner and his excuse for leaving his dog there was that it runs away??? Bit more info, not sure if it was this particular dog but one of this guys dogs is very dog aggressive and has gone my 2 on a couple of occasions and was very much the start of my 2 hating small dogs! So aside from being any idiot and a crappy owner is there anything I can report to council?? Thanks
  8. Parramatta Park

    There is a really big beautiful horse who is often seen being walked/ridden around the park. The cafe even have scraps bucket that they have for him. Love having to step round him to go order a coffee :D
  9. Parramatta Park

    Parramatta park is great, I walk the loop every Friday with my mothers group. The gatehouse tea house is lovely for a special treat and the owner is so accommodating. I finally braved taking one of my dogs this week and he had a ball. Enjoyed the walk and loved up all the snuggles from both the kids and mummies.
  10. Angel.

  11. Angel.

    A caring nature that you passed on to your boy .
  12. Angel.

    RIP my beautiful boys mumma. You will always have a special spot in my heart xx
  13. Goat At A Dog Park

    Agreed! Poor Gary being harassed