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  1. Tibetan Breeds: Lhasa Apsos & Tibetan Spaniels

    But But what if you dont want to get on facebook for a Tibbie shot?
  2. Yes please Mita, I tried to text you however it keeps on rejecting the message or it may still have sent you all my attempts to do so.
  3. Looks like a male version of my dear old Gidget.♡
  4. Thanks guys this has made my day. Norma would be so happy to know she is still helping rescues. Nice to know there are still wonderful taxi drivers around in Sydney. May little Minnie and her owner soon have an opportunity to leave the streets.
  5. POWERLEGS, What about the AWL here in Qld they are a no kill and at present swamped with furkids of all shape and sizes. Such a wonderful thought.
  6. Tibetan Spaniel

    Idriver, I am not a puppy person so may I suggest that you look at the breeders site on this forum and many times there are mature dogs available for pet homes usually about 2-3 years old they usually have been trained for shows and have wonderful tempermant. Usualy they are Tibbies who do not like showing or and not up to the standard the breeder is looking for, In fact there is one looking for a home at present from a wonderful breeder. Pardon the spelling mistakes I am at the Library sans glasses.
  7. Queensland Rescues - Urgent

    AWL is a great one for matters like this. Paws crossed for the golden oldie.
  8. Wonderful as it should be. Georgia will be ok. My two Biscuit and Ming are used to having a rescue come in as one of the family and then depart. You can see Biscuit thinking "they come and then they go" :laugh: We are still here so all is ok. I am so glad you are getting updates that is so wonderful.
  9. [i'm sure we will have more updates when Bonnie moves on :D :D Everytime I think of saying goodbye to her, I feel the tears start to well up. Ah this reminds me of one foster I had "Winston" he was a little Westie X Malt so tiny about 3 kilos. There was not much interest in him till a Doler gave him a Westie Trim. He was such a sweetie and it was hard for me to give him away to a perfect home I may add. When he left he was looking out of the back window with his little paw pressed against the glass and I lost it :cry: :cry: for days I was crying. Two weeks later he came back for a visit I was so sure he would rush into my arms. What did the little bligher do came in had a drink of water hopped onto his owners lap sat there. I went to pat him his tail wagged but no way was he leaving her lap and off he trotted happily went it was time to leave. Ungrateful little pup. :laugh:
  10. Throw in on of your real dirty Tshirts in there, she will then feel much calmer. All my dogs rescue all, love being crated. In fact Gidget my Tibbie would bark for me to close her crate door so she could chew her bone in peace. Have you thought of using Dap, do not buy the expensive plug in just the refill as the mosquito plug ins are the same as the dap dispenser but only about 10% of the cost of the DAp. It was a marvel not only keeping the fosters quite but calming my dogs as well. I am sure it also worked on me. :laugh:
  11. Raaf

    I was stunned when I read this article I presumed after years of faithful service they were retired to their handlers not Pts. Now I wonder about the army dogs. here is the article that got me wondering http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-10-28/retirement-program-for-military-working-dogs-at-amberley-airbase/5046626
  12. Well I have 4 ex battery hens delivered to me for www.homesforchooks.org this compay rescues battery hens from being put down and fines home for them. I am now looking for hertige poultry including bantams that I can also have as these are my first love. any dolers around that can help me? I live near the Mort Estate. I was shocked when I got these poor hens as I thought I would have them for a few years, it seems their life spane is very short 3 - 4 years at the most poor things.
  13. Is There A Cutoff Age For Owning A Dog?

    This is something I have been really thinking about recently. Having just moved to Toowoomba away from family and now realising that my puoppy I have had over 8 years and he was a rescue. Lately on petrescue there seems to be more and more dogs that are being put up for adoption as the owners are not able to care for them, or they are moving into a nursing home. It must be heart rending for them. I am not sure if I could handle the heart ache. Mind you talk about forward thinking I am now looking at all the nursing homes and retirement villages around here that let you have a small dog or two. Out of 10 here I have only so far found two and they have to be vetted. I hope they realise soon how it changes the atmosphere of a village/home when a few pets are around. In fact one here has gardens and also chooks that you can help look after.
  14. Small Dog Needed For Photoshoot This Saturday

    Looking forward to seeing the photos. My dogs are miffed ( yorkshire terriers) that they missed on being doggy star as we have recently moved to Toowoomba. Ming the Merciless would have been perfect.