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  1. April -

    So very sad to hear about lovely April - such a character Goodbye April - you brought many smiles to our faces after hearing of your antics over the years. Run free little pig
  2. Italian Greyhounds

    Hi Kirislin ... yep ... Tabi arrived safe and sound :)
  3. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    ONE MORE SLEEP TO GO!!!!!! Safe travels little Miss Tabitha - see you soon xxxxxxxxx
  4. Waiting For A Puppy This Thread Is For You

    Well its a month since our precious Finnigan was taken from us - its been a month of tears for both OH and myself - we miss our Fin every day and would give anything to have him back. In 12 days a new little precious bundle will be joining our family - we both hope its not to soon after loosing our boy - but we both fell in love with this little princess. Here she is - Tabitha (Tabitha - Italian Greyhound puppy)
  5. Second Thr For My Poor Boy

    how is he doing Bianca ? Hope he is a little more comfortable today
  6. Second Thr For My Poor Boy

    wonderful news bianca :) xxx
  7. Second Thr For My Poor Boy

    great news bianca :) hope all goes well on saturday - yell out if you need anything :) lots of healing positive energy being sent to coop xxx
  8. Second Thr For My Poor Boy

    ohhh Bianca only just caught up with this ... wishing you and Coop all the best .. what an ordeal it has been over the last year or so - lets hope this will be the end of it for now and Coop is on the home straight with his recovery. xx
  9. A Follow On Thread For Those Who Now Have Their Puppy

    For those of you who followed my journey with adding Finnigan (whippet puppy) to our family last year, it breaks my heart to have report that our darling boy was killed in a freak accident on Saturday afternoon. He had only just had his first birthday (27 April) and had grown into the most stunning boy. He was our world - and our life is so empty without him. Fin had come down with me when I was feeding the horses and unfortunately got kicked by one of them. He died within about 5 minutes. Make the most of every day you have with your furkids - they are with us for such a short time - in our case much to short
  10. Gone. My Collie Goat

    ohhh perse - what a shit couple of days for us .. collie sounded like such a character - she must have been such a joy to have around. Poor Bruce - I hope he is coping with the loss of his friend RIP Collie Goat - sounds like you were one in a million little lady. Give them heaps over the bridge Hugs perse x
  11. Finnigan Has Gone

    Our beautiful Fin was kicked by one of the horses on Saturday evening. He appeared to be ok but then went into shock. He died within about 5 mins. No bleeding or signs of internal damage. He got kicked in the shoulder close to the rib cage - directly in line with his heart. I am guessing cardiac arrest. Fin had only just had his first birthday. He was a our baby and we loved him to bits. Bad enough loosing Wolf - but this on top of it - we are just wrecked. I really don't know if we are gonna get through this one .... Fin .. we love you so much - we only had you for such a short time - its just not fair. You were such a happy boy, you loved life - you had 2 speeds, flat out or asleep ! You caused chaos wherever you went ... life was just one big adventure to you. Everywhere I look there are memories of you - your toys, your bed, your favorite chair ... Finni boy ... why ???? Fly free our darling boy .. xxxxxxxxx
  12. With great sadness we farewelled our special boy Wolf today. Our beautiful, faithful and very much loved border collie left this earth after giving us 12 years of happiness. Goodbye our gorgeous Wolf - in our hearts forever. We love you xxxxx Safe journey and chase those bunnies - keep Gan safe up there - and now you can play with Maggie, Coby, Digby, Jess and all the other family dogs waiting to embrace you. Thank you for the love you gave us xxxx
  13. Rockling 9/3/05-4/3/14

    ohhh Kirty - I am so very sorry to hear your darling boy has lost his battle RIP sweet Rockling xxxx
  14. Kibah 1/3/2000-18/2/2014

    I am so sorry to read this. RIP precious little whippet
  15. Nikon Suggestions Please

    .. thanks everyone i just bit the bullet and ended up getting a D7100. Now I just have to learn how to use it properly !!! After my little D40 its like driving a truck compared to a mini ! lol