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  1. Bichon Frise

    I have a friend who is looking to get a bichon frise for a pet. She has two kids 6 and 8. Can anyone give me some more specific information on the breed? What kind of questions she should be asking the breeder? Any info on grooming? I see there are only 30 odd breeders aus-wide. How long would you expect to wait for a pup? 1-2 years? I would expect to pay around 2.5k for a pet pup, is that about right? Feel free to PM me the names of breeders that you know and trust. Thanks.
  2. The Papillon And Phalene Thread

    I would say they shed a moderate amount but it varies, definitely a lot more in summer and a lot less in winter. Desexed dogs also tend to grow a thicker coat and develop more undercoat as they get older, a lot of that hair can get caught up in dags rather than dropping especially if they are exposed to moisture. So if you would say a poodle sheds 1/10 and a lab or jack russell 10/10, I would say a papillon sheds 4-5/10.
  3. Those Crazy Labradors

    can anyone suggest a good birthday present for a lab owner? like a nice artist who does lab prints or a great breed book or similar?
  4. Springers And Field Spaniels

    nice pic. Hey may I ask what are the some of the perhaps more subtle differences in temperament between cockers and springers?
  5. Labrador stabbed to death in Perth park

    i know where this park is and its a dodgy place where you could easily be mugged so that may explain why the guy was carrying the knife. Anyway I think too much blame has been put on the guy stabbing the dog and not enough on the owner of the lab. From what I understand the guy is walking his puppy and is rushed at by two off lead dogs with no owner in sight. The guy has had previous bad experiences with other dogs attacking his dogs, so totally overreacts, is paranoid, mentally unstable, skittish or a combo of the above. I didn't think it was necessarily a case of random animal abuse but I could be wrong..
  6. Springers And Field Spaniels

    I would love to add a springer to the family at some stage. Only problem is I have the papillon who is a bit over 3kg. How much care and diligence I am going to have to take during the springers puppyhood I am not sure. Has anyone has any experience with raising a springer puppy with an older toy breed dog?
  7. Western Australian Thread

    question for any northerners. I swear I went to a beautiful dog beach around hillaries a few years ago. It was wide with flat sand. and the water was calm and quite shallow for a good 30-40 metres out. I went to try to find it again the other day, went to a dog beach just off Mullaloo or whitfords avenue, there was a guy with a coffee stand selling tennis balls and that. Beach was narrow and had dog poos bins about every 25 metres. Definitely not the one. Does anyone know the beach I mean?
  8. Pup Im Minding

    Im minding my friends pup for a few weeks. She is a malt shih Tzu, she must be nearly 12 months old now. I haven't had a pup of my own for about 4 yrs now so im a bit out of practice. Anyway dog is driving me nuts. She is overweight and hyperactive. Jumps up a lot when excited, Cant relax inside unless she is in her pen. Dog appears to be really hand shy. When I try to pat her she either mouths at my hand or drops herself on her back like she only wants to be touched on the belly not on the chest or back or head. However when brushing her she wont let meput her on her back to brush her belly. She is a little better after some exercise but not much. Dog pulls on the lead also. Ive been given the retractable lead. She is still on the pal puppy food which says you can feed til 24 months. She also does this thing where she stands on her back legs and flails with her front legs to get attention, thinks that's been rewarded in the past. Any help for me and owner would be much appreciated.
  9. Pup Im Minding

    thanks for the replies. Yes showdog you are right, this dog is very active. I give her a 2k walk and I feel she could easily take double that. Regarding the brushing, I have taught my dogs to tolerate being put on their backs on a table as I feel I can brush their bellies better and also cutting their nails and foot hair is easier from this angle
  10. Springers And Field Spaniels

    another question. How do you guys view tail docking in springers? If it was still legal here would you still practice it?
  11. Springers And Field Spaniels

    Thanks for that Thunder. Some very nice examples.
  12. Springers And Field Spaniels

    question for you guys. Im seen some English springers being referred to as American type. What are the main differences between the traditional English springer type and this American type?
  13. Western Australian Thread

    it was about 4 degrees early morning but still a sunny 21 during the middle of the day. Very mild winters here
  14. Western Australian Thread

    thanks for that. Do you know roughly how much per panel it is?
  15. Western Australian Thread

    Thanks, that's about what I thought. Hey what percentage of labs get hip dysplasia anyway?
  16. Western Australian Thread

    hey does anyone know can you still buy hardifence from bunnings? or preferably im trying to get some 2nd hand panels cheap from gumtree or the quokka but they seem to be scarce. I want to replace 8 panels in my boundary fence. Only one panel is broken, they are leaning over though. But still im trying to do it cheap as I can only expect the neighbour to contribute to half of the one broken panel. and has anyone painted hardifence? and did it improve the appearance? my backyard and the neighbours shed together look like some kind of horrible fibre cement jungle.
  17. Western Australian Thread

    actually RS just wanted to ask you something. Whats a pet lab cost you from a reg breeder with the hip n elbow scoring and the PRA and the EIC testing. Got a friend who has fallen in love with the gumtree lab with the no health testing. She is kinda committed too pup having paid deposit and such. She has seen both parents and both seem like happy healthy dogs. So it may turn out ok but I was thinking price from a reg breeder would only be 1000-1500 anyway and lots of choices being a popular breed?
  18. Western Australian Thread

    what happened to this thread?
  19. Just walking the dogs around the neighbourhood. Last week i walked past a park on the opposite side of the road and had someone's dog run onto the road trying to get to my dog. Thank god it eventually turned around and went back to its master. And tonight i was walking in half light and had some dog come at my dog from no-where. It had some coat on it that tied around the front of its chest, but for a second i was thinking breast plate. Anyway the dog come right onto the footpath and was looking to get at my dog who was trying to hide behind my legs. I had to yell at the dog and was thinking about kicking it when the bloke who owned him was at the door of the house with his keys about to go in. So he called the dog and it came. Obviously he had just been out with the dog and is one of these people who dont believe in leads. So no harm done really. But i look back at the bloke and no apology or anything. So i was thinking is it worth reporting people for things like this? Would the council or ranger likely do anything?
  20. Do You Report People?

    anyone know what the rules are in WA? My dog only 3kg so probably wouldnt survive if it was attacked by a dog with a big weight advantage
  21. Do You Report People?

    yeh and thats the thing you think you might apologize when you realise your dog has scared another dog owner and you are right outside your own house
  22. Do You Report People?

    yeh well its not like i really want the dog declared dangerous or anything. But there was the point where the dog could have attacked mine and the bloke is 20 metres away doing something else. Obviously no front fence or anything.
  23. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-12/renewed-debate-on-real-impact-of-victorias/4817846?section=vic sorry if its been posted already but did anyone see this video? I find it incredible that Peter Walsh is saying he wants legislation changed to put more onus on owners to prove their dog is not a pit bull X. Think he may even want vcat scrapped and just give more power to the ACO's who breed identify? And why is someone who is Minister for Agriculture and Food Security dealing with companion animal matters?? and clearly not listening to the experts.
  24. Sick Of Wankers

    i have met a subordinate amount of people, walking my dogs on the street who want our dogs to meet and play and say hello, just because they are similiar sized SWF's. They normally use those hideous extender leads. I dont see the need for it as my dogs are only interested in a quick sniff and then continuing. The other group i met is the bull breed/kelpie/BC group or general medium size X breed dog group, the dog is generally under 18 months old and the owners are generally young and they make an arse of themselves with an uncontrolled dog at the dog park and you dont see them again after a while.