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  1. did you guys end up going to Kwinana in the morning? How was it? Just went to buy something from Woolies. And the shop part is closed but the bottle O is open, but i guess that is Perth and Australia Day for you.
  2. Hey Unuscorn, If train-a-pup is too far for you to go, the lady at Clever Creatures is quite good. She does classes out of that park at Samson, and has GSD's and she seems to get good results
  3. ah Unuscornu I could have given you one as I recently chucked one out after finding it on the verge. Im sweating like an animal, gonna let the dogs run under the sprinkler now.
  4. What irks me is people like you who think their dog isnt capable of hurting another animal, who think dog parks should be a free-for-all and that all the toy dog owners are over-protective. I have been standing around calm and minding my own business and my dog has been attacked by another dog for no reason. You have obviously never owned a small breed or been out of your cave much if the roughest you've seen two dogs play is chasing each other.
  5. you crazy kids and your tamagotchi's! I went down to south beach the other day with Stella. And it was blowing about 20 knots on the dog beach side and about 5 knots on the main beach side. So I did a naughty and just went about 10 metres the other side of the rock wall and kept her on lead. Was having a great time and stella even got in for a swim and was doing a great doggy paddle but slowly sinking at the same time. Then I had a guy come up to me and scream blue murder and start using crazy analogies about me driving 200km an hour. Was quite funny actually.
  6. what breed are your two weasels? Kelpie X's? Millie's nose is very pink RS do you have to put sunscreen on it? Its good to see some fit labs for a change.
  7. Nice to meet everyone again and the ladies i hadnt met before. What lovely dogs we all have. It was especially nice to see the young girls zora, lulu and pippa, great examples of their breeds. Mont enjoyed the ran, he has a bit of arthritis so it was nice for him to get a run on the soft sand. I will have to bring stella next time. Im trying to build her confidence up as she normally goes all submissive when she meets most dogs and she is a bit too attached to monte. She seems to love border collies and other papillons though so go figure.
  8. so we are meeting on the 8th of jan at about 0830am? At the Governor rd carpark or the Wells rd carpark?
  9. Im thinking of taking one of my dogs over to Melbourne with me on my next holiday. I was thinking maybe just try and travel with virgin and arrange it myself. Is there any other airline that allows per travel nowadays? It would be $55 per segment for under 10kg dogs. Am not sure I havent done any dog travelling for a while. Dogtainers have quoted me about $150. Jetpets would be more i presume as they have quoted me 50-60% more than dogtainers on a few occasions and there also seems to be no way of getting a quick online quote airport to airport with jetpets. Is it really worth bothering with pet transport companies if the pet is just travelling from capital city to city? The only other problem i have is i would prefer to just get the skybus into the city, apparently you cant take animals on the skybus, not even in a little pp20 crate.
  10. Get the pp30 crate, might be a tad big for a pup, but would be a good size for an adult Dont worry too much about being flamed by the gatekeeper and co., its happens, you will learn more if you stick around
  11. ah cool, and is he is dog that appreciates a solid pat?
  12. im happy with that. Are we bringing food as well? will have to make my jelly slice. Would love to have a swim with your girls RS. Do they swim just for the fun of it or do you have to throw a ball out? monte will only get in the water if i chuck the ball out and ever then he will only wade not swim.
  13. yes thats right the one further north. The photo looks lovely!
  14. thanks sandra, she has had a fair bit of raw food and things to chew etc. The tooth behind the canine isnt very loose. ive also noticed one extra incisor on the top jaw, basically two growing where one should be, so im going to get them done tomorrow so i can give the incisor next to it a chance to fill the space and straighten up a bit
  15. my bitch is just over a year old now and still has a deciduous baby tooth just behind her canine tooth on one side. I realise now i should have checked them earlier. Its not causing any problems really, like its not pushing the canine tooth outwards, its just creating a crevice for plague to grow along the line in between the two teeth. Just wondering should i get it removed asap?
  16. I went for a look down at Kwinana one day, went to the beach closer to the naval base. Is Kwinana beach nicer than that? because it didnt look very inviting. I would like to go pretty early if its on a weekend so there arnt a heap of people and we are not sitting there for hours in the heat of the day. I might just bring monte, as stella is a bit too timid with bigger dogs and it would mean one less dog to clean up afterwards.
  17. off topic, but last time i checked there was no ANKC breed called an English Bull Terrier. Your confusing the poor bloke!
  18. you say the latest science steve but this stuff is 50+ years old. Surely there has been a decent study done on this topic in the last 10 or 15 years?
  19. are you still calling prefixes, affixes over there becks?
  20. i find this rule rather finicky. For instance if I wanted to name my papillon {prefix} El beshiva, but i can't because thats too similar to the prefix of a border collie breeder in NSW's. Like what impact does that have on the breeder?
  21. Not sure what you mean by divots? The Wahl single sided thinners are not curved and they have a straight blade and blade with protruding teeth. ok thanks, by divets i mean protruding teeth. I think they just sent me the ones on the far right instead of the ones second from left on this picture
  22. Might be a silly question, but do all thinning shears/scissors have the little divets in at least one side of them. I ordered some wahl single-sided thinners with 41 teeth and they dont have any divets in them, they just look like the normal curved scissors. Any help would be much appreciated
  23. great article. Thanks for posting. I find it amazing how people are so anthropomorphistic in their attitude towards dog socialisation. Ive seen plenty of those swf's being walked on those retractable leads and the owners want their dog to say hello to everydog they meet. Also had a guy come up to me with a newf who was play-bowing towards my toy dog and the guy was rather disappointed that we didnt want to play. Its been in my experience that people go to dog parks to socialise with each other, let their dogs blow off excess energy. They dont go there to train their dog and they just expect every dog to get along with each other.
  24. What has the original post got to do with children? You have obviously never been a struggling single parent. What do you think all children chew up the door frames and dig up the garden? Yes let's making housing less affordable for families :rolleyes:
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