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  1. Ok, she's booked in for surgery for Friday week. I know I shouldn't have :rolleyes: but I googled the subject and found this: http://www.thepetcenter.com/sur/ACL.html
  2. Good to hear that the surgery worked out great. Have to admit I'm a little nervous about it because this will be her first operation and with any general anaesthetic (I assume they need to put her completely under) theres always that risk. Anyway, will be seeing the Vet tonight so see what she says.
  3. Well Katie goes in for her last Pentosan injection on Tuesday and there's been no improvement at all with her leg. So as much as I'd wanted to avoid it, looks like surgery is going to be the only option
  4. Thanks Daphne I got a second opinion and the vet has suggested the "wait and see" approach for 4-6 weeks. For now she's been put on daily chewable Rimadyl and weekly injections of Pentosan. Will keep updating & monitoring this thread Thanks Staffyluv (edit) Just did a quick lookup of these drugs: http://www.vet.terrigal.net.au/tv-tips.htm . Sounds ok to me
  5. Wow, I came to the forum this morning to create an identical thread, but already done for me , thanks Daphne About two weeks ago our 8 yo Maltese/Shi Tzu X (this is her after a short run around in the backyard suddenly started walking with one rear leg raised. And she has ever since A vet who took a look at her suspects an ACL rupture and has suggested an x-ray and if the rupture is confirmed to go with surgery straight away. I'd already planned to get a second opinion but after reading through this thread, particularly from Charles (great to see specialists taking time to contribute to forums like this!) I most definately will. Thanks all
  6. Fingers and paws also crossed here for you daisy2002
  7. Good to hear FWIW if anybody in Melbourne wants the name of a groomer who is very gentle and patient (she is great with Katie my timid little SWF) just drop me a PM.
  8. No I haven't .. to be honest her tear stains are not too bad ... I wipe her eyes at least once every morning.
  9. Interesting read. I'll definately be trying ACV in Katie's water to see if it helps clear up her tear stains around the eyes.
  10. This thread reminded me of a chat I had with my vet about Sentinel Spectrum so I just ordered some from pricelesspets.com.au
  11. Hopefully it was just a once off. Fingers crossed for you. Give him an extra hug before putting him to bed
  12. Ok I've read enough, they're now in the bin This afternoon I bought something called "Nature's Gift - Char Chews". According to the packet they are "free from any artificial additives" and are "Tasty and healthy treats for your dog"
  13. You're probably right. Only thing that made me wonder is that these strips are hard and what's coming out of Katie now is very soft I'll definately stop them for a few days at least.
  14. What do people think of these? They're only cheap but dogs seem to like the ocassional one and they are supposed to be good for their teeth. Reason I ask is that the SWF has started doing very soft (dairy queen like ) poos for the last 2 days and the only thing I have changed is I've been giving her one of these strips to chew/eat in the morning.
  15. Yep, this how I washed my previous Dobe. The DIY hydrobaths a few of you use sound like a good idea, I might treat Rojo to one as soon as the vet lets me bathe him. For those who use 'em what do they normally charge? (ballpark).
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