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  1. Can anybody recommend a good Melbourne vet to help me treat yeast infection in my 14yo Maltese Shih Tzu ? I remember one in Keilor Rd, Niddrie recommended to me who specialised in skin problems but I forget her name. I'm doing a lot of reading on the subject but think I need some personal guidance. Thanks :) ==
  2. Katie visiting Annie, who has severe MS. http://youtu.be/sl039AQSeds Nothing Annie inadvertently did (squeezing, poking etc) upset Katie in the slightest, she just took it all in her stride :) ==
  3. Have you turned this place in Essendon? http://www.petandaquariumwarehouse.com.au Helpful staff who can offer diet advice. Cheers,
  4. I tend to agree with you. I've just read that plain yogurt might help with the yeast infection so I'm thinking of starting her on that. ==
  5. Thanks for that explanation Wundahoo, much appreciated. Interested in your comment about skin issues. Although Katie never gets upset stomachs after milk she does suffer from skin yeast infection. She licks herself quite a bit which causes her hair to turn brown ( you can see around mouth in pic). Would anybody say its possible the milk could be a cause even though her stomach tolerates it? And if so, how long should I stop the milk as a test? I'd rather not stop the milk if it's unlikely to be a cause of her skin issues because she really enjoys her nightly drink. Thanks :)
  6. I occasionally I hear concern from people when I tell them my little Maltese drinks regular cow milk. That something in cow milk isn't good for them etc. The thing is she's always had it since a pup & 14 years later she still comes to her bowl nightly just before bedtime expecting it :) Every vet I've asked has told me it is a little uncommon for dogs to handle regular milk but if she's been fine with it all these then don't stop. She loves the stuff :) Anybody else's dog here ok with regular cow milk? Cheers,
  7. 14yo Katie bouncing around defying her age (and knee reconstruction surgery) :-) ==
  8. Am still impressed with this for tinned food and Katie seems to really enjoy it :)
  9. Here is Katie visiting a woman with severe Multiple Sclerosis at a Melbourne nursing home. http://youtu.be/sl039AQSeds Cheers,
  10. Sharing this in case it helps anybody: "How should I care for my pets during fireworks displays?" http://kb.rspca.org.au/How-should-I-care-for-my-pets-during-fireworks-displays_82.html
  11. Living in Melbourne northern suburbs I suspect I'm surrounded by a higher proportion of morons who think it's fun letting off loud crackers/fireworks in the street. I love fireworks myself but I just wish these retards would go where professionals are putting on truly spectacular displays (eg. CBD) rather than their pathetic pranks which only serve to scare local dogs to death. This year I'm seriously thinking of bundling my dog into the car and driving out somewhere out of range of these halfwits. Any suggestions as to how far north and in what direction I'd have to go?
  12. I've started buying a few tins of this for when out and about where usual dry kibble, chicken necks etc not so practical. My dog (13 yo Maltese X) seems to like it and I certainly like the look of the ingredients, a nice change from the usual mush found in tins. The 156g tins are about $2.60 normal price at my local Coles. Indeed. I had a taste of the chicken breast variety and it was quite ok :) I bought a 5 pack tonight, here's a snap of the side of the carton: http://i.imgur.com/W1X5bsT.jpg
  13. Ok as people have started posting pics :) here's Katie lending a hand at the help desk.
  14. Interesting development. http://tinyurl.com/pck6yx8 Out of necessity I've recently needed to start to do this, even taking her into client offices occasionally (I work in IT support/consulting) , and it's been an overall positive experience :)
  15. Good cause and she seemed to enjoy herself :) http://s193.photobucket.com/user/pepitovfr/library/Katie%20at%20BLE%20rally Youtube: Panorama (may need Google Chrome to view) http://360.io/hVURXH
  16. I've volunteered Katie to visit residents in an aged care home and I'd like her to wear a bandana with something like "Volunteer Dog" printed on it. Does anybody where I could get something like this done? I've Googled around but surprisingly we haven't been able to find anything yet. Here she is one of the residents http://i.imgur.com/VZxkH4a.jpg thanks in advance!
  17. Good to know. My Maltese loves them but I stopped feeding her any when I found them completely intact in her poop So I'll keep letting her have the occasional quarter peanut then :D
  18. That's the thing. With some dogs, some birds, yes she goes nuts and has to chase. But other times she couldn't care less. :rolleyes: Seems to be no rhyme or reason.
  19. I'm thinking of getting a canary in a cage on our back porch. I've had one before for years but that was with a big dog (Doberman) and they got on very well. I now have a SWF and a friend who did the same thing warned me they had to get rid of the canary because their SWF became obsessed with it, either barking up at the cage or just staring at it for hours. Anybody have any tips for a successful introduction? Thanks :rolleyes:
  20. No luckily (or I don't know how I would have reacted). Somebody emailed them to me.
  21. "Chicken necks? What chicken necks?"
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