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  1. Hey, Huskey87, have I got a deal for you. I'll swap you two pups for one.
  2. I have a similar dilemma, only in reverse. I have two rescue pups (brother & sister), that are 14 weeks old. They been socialised with people (young, old, men, women & children), but not other dogs yet. We missed a place in the local puppy pre-school which has now finished until next year. We haven't taken them out yet because of fear of parvo as they don't have their final vaccs until 4 January. Our boy is about 18kgs and our girl about 14 kgs - they are, to my knowledge, Lab x GR x GSD x GSP. And, some people who see them think there may be a touch of mastiff. They are very full on and wrestle and tumble about all day. My sister is coming to stay at Christmas with her 7 yesr old son (no probs there) and her 11 year old beautiful, ever so gentle English cocker who weighs 15 kgs and underwent major spinal surgery 18 months ago. I'm worried that they'll break him. Maybe I can send the cocker to Mel_c and have the staffy here to teach my two a lesson!
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