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  1. Has anyone's dog ever injured or bruised their tail by chasing it? Beanie was fine yesterday but we noticed her chasing her tail (which is only a half tail). Today she will not lift her tail or wag her tail, which normally goes at a million miles an hour. We tried to have a look at it and she squealed. This is her tail as it used to be, today she is holding it down. We're at a loss as to what has happened. An action shot of the tail (not taken today obviously) ETA second pic of wagging tail
  2. Yes, I've noticed this too. First with old avatar boy and then again with the two in my signature. Apparently it's quite common, but it is a shock to see your dog looking like a cross between the hunchback of Notre Dam, a hyena and a one humped camel It took about two weeks to completely disappear on my 16 week old pups when they had their final vacc. EFS
  3. Thanks everyone. Phew, don't have to throw out the other 8 tins. NAO, you cracked me up with that. Almost spat my G & T all over the keyboard
  4. I usually buy the Woolworths Home Brand triple pack of sardines for the dogs. When I open a can tonight I realised that I'd picked up the ones in tomato sauce. I threw them out and gave the dogs the King Oscar sardines from the human food stash. Would the tomato sauce ones be bad for dogs? If so could I rinse them?....I bought 3 triple packs
  5. Twice daily. If I do it, it's doggy poo bag and binned. If OH does it, it's picked up in a pooper scooper and flushed down the old outside loo, which is now the dog loo.
  6. Thanks every one. He's now awake and playing like he normally does, so the sleepiness was perhaps just the change of routine today. I only have 7 days of Rimadyl, just to help with the pain and inflammation so his ear is easier to clean and medicate. He had the tablet immediately after his dinner (which is his main meal) which was Nutro kibble, yoghurt and sardines tonight, so hopefully it won't irritate his stomach. If this doesn't work then apparently he'll have to have a general anaesthetic and ear clean. Don't know why as he's the most placid dog and would happily have his ear syringed. His ear was very red and sore looking today but he sat clamly and let the vet poke and prod and take swabs and didn't move until he was given the release word. Hope we can sort it out without anything as radical as a GA. In the meantime, his swiming outings are a no-no.
  7. Spud has been prescribed Rimadyl 100mg chewable (7 tablets) for inflammation from a yeast infection in his ear. He's had his first one tonight after his dinner and has now put himself to bed - not normal! Are there any side effects I should be aware of? He may have just gone to bed as it was a big trip to the vet (60K round trip), a bit of shopping etc and back home. Normally he has a nap or 10 during the day, which may be why he's tired, but just wondering about Rimadyl. Thanks
  8. I don't know a great deal about dog behaviour (mainly what I read and learn here on DOL), but Erny etc may be able to answer this. Would it be better/wiser if Turtle met the other dogs on neutral territory (like a local park) first before venturing into their home turf?
  9. I always have a couple of tins of Nature Gift in the pantry as an emergency back-up or a treat every now and then - they love it and it's the only tinned food I would ever feed. Their diet is basically Nutro dry with any of the following: chicken mince, chicken frames, lamb mince, lamb necks, tuna, sardines, eggs, yoghurt, home made chicken stock.... and if I'm out of those, then it's Nutro dry and Natures gift. Believe Ziwi Peak tinned is also very good but I've not tried it yet as it's hard to come by here.
  10. Thanks everyone. Glad I'm not alone. I got so bad that even the dog's noses were twitching and they were looking at each other in disgust.
  11. ...would bones (meaty bones) like lamb necks and brisket bones cause flatulence? My dogs had a few today and, well, there's an unplesant wind blowing through the house tonight. Would bones cause this?
  12. OMg Cassie ;) ;) I'm so sorry. Fly free beautiful Oakley. Oh dog, I can't stop crying. ;) to you, your OH and Zephyr.
  13. Agree with everyone who said it can be dodgy. That why I only go to one Lenards store where they mince fresh frames for me. I think they are franchised so I guess it depends on how the owner values pets. I think we found one that loves dogs.
  14. I've bought pets mince from two different Lenards outlets. One always smells really fresh and they tend to mince the frames while we wait - we now only go to that store. ;) At the other store the mince smelled terrible, not off, but really strong (perhpas it had offal in it). However I also noticed it had green bits like they use in chicken florentine. So it seems they just minced up anything that hadn't sold either along with or instead of chicken frames. Won't go to that Lenards again. ;) EFS
  15. Hey Norskgra, Been a couple of weeks. Is Tyra back to normal now? hopefully the others are OK now too.
  16. Our local mobile dog groomer charges $25 for one or $20 each for two. Includes brushing, washing, drying, nails and ears and we get to play soccer with her stunning GSD while our dogs are being beautified.
  17. I think it depends on the breed. I've got two mixed breed (Golden Retiever x Lab x German Shep x pony ) rescue pups who, at 14 months are still growing.
  18. I've used Sasha's Blend before on our old boy Benny. He was a GSD x something huge (67kgs). Used Sasha's for about 2 - 3 years and I wasn't sure if it was making such a radical difference, I guess because he improved gradually over time. Then we went to visit my family in Armidale for 10 days over Christmas and forgot to pack the Sasha's Blend. We noticed a marked difference - poor boy couldn't jump into the car for the trip home (which hadn't been a problem when we left Sydney). After a week or two at home back on Sasha's he was much better. However, we got to the point when he was 10 that he needed a course of cartrophin(sp) injections, which were like fountain of youth serum for him....he even tried to climb a gum tree to chase a possum silly old boy.
  19. Get well soon beautiful boofer. You're a big strong boy, you can beat it.
  20. Healing vibes being sent to Chelsea. There's a thread about it here http://www.dolforums.com.au/index.php?show...85&hl=ollie
  21. I bought two 100 tab bottles from The Vet Shed online shop http://www.thevetshed.com.au/index.php/cPath/1 they were $51.00 per bottle. I ordered on the weekend (late Sat night) and they arrived in the post on Tuesdsay. Very fast service, excellent price .
  22. Depending on what part of Sydney you're in, I buy minced chicken frames from Lennards in Menai for $1.00 a kilo and fabulous pet mince (beef/lamb) from Stapletons Butcher in Sutherland for $3.90 a kilo. I think it depends on the individual Lennards shops how much they charge. We've also bought it in Caringbah for $1.50 a kilo but it's no where near as good as Menai and is often contaminated (not off) with other products like the spinach from their Chicken Florentine etc - unless they add everything they can't sell! There used to be a Glenmore Meats shop/wholesale depot at the back of Glebe - can't remember the name of the street and haven't been there for a few years since leaving Newtown. It was near where Glebe & Pyrmont meet.
  23. I think you should ask the breeder. They would know the growth requirements of young GSPs. To my knowledge the larger the breed the longer it should stay on puppy food.
  24. I was a bit torn with the different replies. So I only put about a dessert spoon on each bowl (the dogs are 46ks and 42 kgs). Thought about having a swig myself instead of iron tablets :rolleyes:
  25. I've just made some liver treats for the dogs (13 months old). I sliced and poached the liver before dicing and putting in a slow oven to dry out. Question: Can I use some of the poaching liquid on their kibble or is it too rich?
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