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  1. We've had ticks in the yard year round for about 7 - 8 years now. My poor OH (who is becoming quite allergic to them) picks them by just doing the gardening. Apart from possums, bandicoots also carry them. With all of the 1080 baiting going on for foxes, bandicoot numbers are now on the increase. We wake up some mornings and our yard looks like there's been polo match overnight with all the divets in the lawn from bandicoots feeding on grubs and spiders. We now use Proban tablets for the dogs, it seems to be the only successful treatment here (in Bundeena). We've tried everything else without success and almost lost a very large dog (67kgs) to a tick (in winter) when were were using Frontline. I think the ticks become immune to certain preventatives.
  2. I poached a lambs fry to slice and dry in the oven as training treats. I put some of the liver poaching water on their dinner.....oh boy, next morning it was like they'd had an enema(sp). Yuk. Good clean out though :rolleyes:
  3. Oh Puggles so sorry, run free little girl. Find Big Ben at the bridge, Mollie, he'll look after you. We think he had the same disease.
  4. Our's had venison last week - I bought it at Stapleton's in Sutherland (not cheap), and couldn't bring myself to eat Bambi either, so the dogs got it. They luuurrrrvvved it.
  5. benny123


    So sorry for your loss. Run free dear Jimmy
  6. So sorry, so sad. He was a beautiful boy. Run free, run proud at the bridge, Chopper. Watch over your family lad, who loved you more than you will ever know.
  7. Another Nutro feeder here, too. Only farting in this house is from the OH, but he doesn't eat Nutro. Although if it keeps up, I may start feeding it to him!
  8. Jessica, if you buy the current Jan/Feb issue of Dog's Life Magazine it has an article on feeding puppies and why growing pups need the best possible nutrition.
  9. Does anyone think that a splash of ACV in drinking water could possibly lessen the recurrence of UTIs (in my dog, not me)?
  10. One of mine had it about a month ago after a bath. It was terrifying and we had no idea what had caused it. Normally her tail is like a windmill when she's excited and it just wouldn't/couldn't move. Apparenhtly if anti-inflammatories are given at the onset recovery is a lot quicker. We didn't do that initially as we didn't know what it was but she was fully recovered after about 2 weeks with no medication, just rest.
  11. It's not this is it http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/coldtail.html ?
  12. Thank you. I'll get some when the stores open tomorrow. He's being a very brave patient and hasn't tried to take his bandage off at all.
  13. This morning my husband decided to clip Spud's nails. He clipped the dew claw a bit too short, Spud cried and then I saw it bleeding. I've packed around it with gauze and bandaged it. Is there anything else I can do? Is there anything special I should have in the first aid kit in case Edward Scissorhands clips their nails again (when I'm not looking) and they bleed? Arrrrgggghhhh, men! Thank Dog he's not a surgeon.
  14. Poor little darling. RIP sweet girl
  15. I should also add, we taught them sit, drop, stay, come, shake from an early age. They didn't always obey and just goofed off but we were consistant. Then at about 9 - 10 months their brains seemed to click into gear and they started doing everything that was asked of them. I had the double problem of inseprable litter mates but patience and consistncy paid off. I now have 45 and 38 kilos of beautiful obedient dogs .
  16. Mine ate our bed when they were 6 months old. Exhibit A Then when our bed was gone, they ate their own bed Exhibit B They are now 15 months old and perfect angels It gets better.
  17. An update. Beanie watched the goose/geese segment on Better Homes & Gardens tonight and there was a definite lift and wagging. Not totally normal yet but so much better . One thing for sure, I'm using the mobile dog groomer from this day on. My taps are too dodgy.
  18. She managed a bit of a wag this afternoon on our walk when she saw the local dog groomer and her GSD (who Beanie loves).
  19. Thanks Alanglen. The only other thing I can think of is her brother attempting to hump her, for dominance (it's usually her humping him as she seems to be the alpha dog), but he tried last night. I thought if it was a surprise and her tail was in the wrong position - being so stumpy, he may have jarred it. Also, she was chasing that stumpy thing and grabing it, which is something she has never done. She caught it once or twice, too! I have a few rimadyl (three, I think) would they be OK if given with food until we can see our vet? We live in a quite remote area. May be able to see him on Thursday as he comes to our village. Edit for typing, again. Damn rheumatoid arthritis.
  20. From the pics? Her and her brother were born in rescue with half tails.
  21. I've read the article. My girl is a mixed breed rescue...mum was a Golden Retriever/GSD and dad was a Labrador/Pointer cross - two of the breeds connected with this syndrome. We bathed her first and towel dried her and tried to get her to go outside in the sun to dry off, but she insisted on waiting in the bathroom (on the tiles) while her brother was bathed - they are inseparable. I hope that's all it is as I can't think of anything else and I'm with then 24/7.
  22. Yes, she has. In the bath with a shower head thingy (which is really dodgy) and we try to keep the water luke warm, but these taps have a mind of their own and it goes icy cold without warning. Thanks ISH, I'll read im on that - I'm so worried
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