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  1. Not sure about dogs but I had something similar myself. Huge swelling; blocked salivary gland. It was a stone (like a kidney stone-ish) of calcium. The doc removed it by pressing both sides of the duct with wooden tongue depressors. Removed the blockage and everything normal again. This was about 25 years ago.
  2. With our pups - mixed breed rescues (Golden Retriever/German Shep/Labrador), our boy was 22 kgs and our girl 17kgs at 16 weeks. Our vet suggested Interceptor Spectrum 22 - 45 kgs and said it would be fine for Beanie at 17 kgs as it had a safety margin. It's amazing how fast they grow before the next dose. When we got them at 8 weeks we were expecting 1 - 1 and a half kgs a week, which it was for a while, but then they seem to have rapid growth spurts, so I wouldn't worry too much about the 6 month supply. He'll grow into it before you can blink.
  3. The surgery was on friday. I feel so awul as we concentrated on Andy's recovery more as he had a more major surgery for an undescended testicle. Andy is fine, bouncing around, and Its poor Lou we should have been keeping an eye on. In that case I'd be seeing the vet as soon as poss. I thought if it was only done today he may still be a bit groggy. Also agree with other who have said bring him inside tonight and realise that you'll probably have to bring both in - being siblings and together all the time. Perhaps crate them in you bedroom so you can keep an eye during the night.
  4. Thank you Harminee, thank you again Freckles. You guys are amazing. Thank you soooo much, it's the only pic I have of my grandmother.
  5. Would any kind Photoshop whiz be able to fix this old pic of me, nanna and my sister, circa 1958? Seems someone folded it :rolleyes: .
  6. RIP beautiful Cody. Such a kind face with the wisdom of the ages in those eyes.
  7. I use Proban tablets for ticks (we live in a village within in a national park on a coastal fringe) as paralysis ticks are a huge problem here. We had previously used Frontline but our last dog almost died from a tick during that time so we changed. We've also been told that ticks here are becoming immune to Advantix. Proban seems to be very effective and from what I understand it is what vets administer when dogs present with tick paralysis to kill any remaining ticks. We use Inteceptor Spectrum for heartworm and intestinal worms. I'd love not to use Proban but I'm so paranoid about ticks now and I'd never forgive myself if I stopped and they got tick paralysis. I guess it depends on where you live and how big the tick infestation is.
  8. Dear old darling. Sounds like she had a wonderful 6 months with you and your pack. RIP sweetheart
  9. benny123

    Rip Aspen

    Rest in peace beautiful boy. Run free at the bridge , breath easy and watch over you mum and family.
  10. It’s 12 months ago today since you left us darling boy. I haven’t been able to do this before now, it still hurts – I think it always will. You came to us out of the blue after three years of us being dogless, by choice. A desperate phone call from our friend, the vet, saying you were no longer wanted by your family and if she was not willing to put you to sleep you would be surrendered to the pound where they would do the deed – well we couldn’t let that happen. All we were told about you was that you were a rather large 4 year old GSD X. I remember the day I picked you up and brought you home. You were looking very nervous and unsure of what was happening and so was I. During the drive I told you I would look after you in terms of food, shelter, health, exercise and that you could even live inside the house – something you’d never done before. But I was adamant that I would not love you, I’d been there before and was not going to have my heart broken again by a dog, so don’t try anything cute. I tried so hard to resist you but everything you did made that impossible. You’d only been with us for a few days when you took it upon yourself to play nurse to my dying father. You stayed by his bedside day and night and alerted mum and me whenever he needed anything. You were amazing. You came to us completely untrained, yet within weeks you could sit, drop, stay, come, heel and shake hands. You were so clever. Everyone who met you fell for you. Even old Bob around the corner who was terrified of dogs said you had a benevolent face and charitable eyes. You were drawn to children and they to you – you were the proverbial ‘gentle giant’. You bugger, you made me break my vow in no time at all and I loved you more than anything in this world – still do. You showed me what a silly, empty life I’d been living for three years without a dog. You were only with us for 6 and a half years, but they were the best 6 and a half years of my life.
  11. Just an update on Beanie, with the hormone treatment for her inverted vulva. She has been on Stilboestrol (sp) since mid July. She started on 1 tab per day for 5 days then 1 per week and she has 18 weeks of tablets left. She now has an 'outie'. Not sure what will happen when the tablets are finished but so far, so good. She hasn't had any UTIs or rashes for weeks and we haven't had to apply any cream. It looks totally normal so I've got everything crossed but will have to wait and see what happens after 18 weeks. goldiesRgreat, how is your girl now?
  12. My two get an ice cube (just water) every day, have done since they were little and teething; it seemed to soothe their sore gums. They love them now and think they're getting a treat. Sadly, I can't make a G & T without getting pestered. I can't see how 1 ice cube could cause bloat. I've never heard that before, either.
  13. I have siblings, they had the same socialisation the same everything (same genetics too). Spud is really laid back and relaxed and takes everything in his stride. Beanie seems really nervous, is hyperactive, wets herself when she's excited or fearful. Wets herself at the drop of a hat really. I've no idea why they are so different. Oh, and between the two of them she is the alpha. Very odd. Actually, now that I've just said that I wonder if she feels she's the leader of all of us and that's why she's so flighty.
  14. Do you think it's possible that the rats they were chasing (and may have caught/bitten) had maybe eaten one of those types of rat poisons, like Talon, that contains some sort of anti-coagulant (sp). Can't remember if vitamin K is the cause or the cure though. Just a thought considering the amount of blood and her blood not clotting, together with the presence of rats. Some people may have put out bates if there was in influx of rats after the floods. Poor girl, I hope she's on the mend.
  15. 'Inverted' rings a bell. How is she going now? Feeling a bit better I hope.
  16. Did the vet call this condition "infantile genitalia"? I have been making enquiries re early desexing, but my vet won't do them before 4 months because of this problem. I will be interested to hear if the hormones make any difference, but it may be too late by now. No, the vet didn't mention that. I've re-read goldiesRgreat's first post and our girl doesn't have the 'frowning face', but her vulva is really recessed. However, you can see it a bit when she's on her back with her legs spread, but when she is standing, sitting etc it's totally engulfed by her thighs. I think the vet is hoping it may swell a bit with the hormones but I do think surgery will be the only option.
  17. Ooooh, my little girl has an 'innie' too. She's a 10 month old lab x rescue who was desxed at 8 weeks. She has had 3 urinary tract infections so far, I've gone through two tubes of Neocort and one of panolog and countless antibiotics - not to mention xrays and ultrasounds. She's constantly licking that area (which makes the rash worse) and is prone to submissive urination which means the area never dries out. Our vet has mentioned surgery, which I think we will probably have to do. However, he has her on hormone therapy at present to see if that changes anything phisically as he though it may have been lack of hormones that caused it. But reading about your girl, maybe it's just something that happens to some as she wasn't desexed early. Please keep us updated on her progress - poor baby with bucket on her head and an itchy fanny.
  18. Our 10 month old girl was limping on her left front leg (she's a lab x golden retriever x shepherd rescue pup). We checked her foot, her pads, between her toes etc and couldn't find anything so we took her to the vet. He checked her over and found soreness (a reaction from her) in her elbow. He said that at her age and because she's a large dog (39kgs) it could just be a number of things, like the bones growing at different rates, elbow dysplasia, a torn or pulled ligament or a pulled muscle. She wrestles like a bloke with her brother . So on his advice we had an xray and ultrasound done just to rule out any nasties and/or get appropriate treatment if there was. Thankfully, the results were all good and he suspects it was a ligament. He prescribed bed rest (yeah right) and Metacam (anti inflamatory). That was two weeks ago and she's absolutely fine now and has her brother in a half-Nelson as I type.
  19. May be worth getting an xray.
  20. I've always done mine in the human bath tub. Taught them from an early age how to get in the bath tub and provide a step if/when necessary. Mind you, looking at their faces it's like watching a condemned man walking to the gallows
  21. OH and I are thinking of moving to the Central Coast. Can you buy Nutro Natural Choice there? I really don't want to change our dogs diet if we move but also don't want to have to drive to Sydney to buy Nutro.
  22. I bought a McCalls Craft Pattern M4686. It has 3 coats & 1 vests plus a dog mat and leash with a pouch for house keys.
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