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  1. She's 2 years old. I'll try and find an emergency vet in the area - we've only lived here for 4 months so I'm no familiar with emergency vet clinics in the area.
  2. Thanks Sezy. I don't think it would be worms as they're on Sentinel Spectrum every month (heartworm, intestinal worms and it sterilizes fleas).
  3. Beanie has just done a very runny poo (in the lounge room - couldn't get outside in time) and it had blood in it. She then ran outside and seemed to be still trying to poo but only watery bloody liquid came out, not much, about the size of two 50 cent coins. Background - Spud, our other dog had the runs yesterday and last night - had to let him out twice during the night (no blood, though) and seems OK today and this evening. Beanie did a runny poo a couple of hours ago in the garden (no blood) and now this one with blood. They are both fully vaccinated and are wormed every month (Sentinel Spectrum), we've not changed their diet recently. What, other then Parvo can cause blood in faeces? Can fully vaccinated dogs get parvo? Help.... Thanks benny
  4. Poor Hamlet. It happened to us with Beanie, our Lab x GR x GSD x Pointer after a bath. It took a full two weeks for her tail to go back to its normal windmill self. Like Hamlet, she didn't wnat us touching it and it seemed painful when she sat. http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/coldtail.html this is a link to info that someone posted on my thread when I was worried sick. It will get better. Give poor Hamlet a hug from me, but not near the tail.
  5. I make Easiyo Pro Biotic Fat Reduced for my dogs - they love it. I feed about a heaped tablespoon daily, in the morning on their breakfast kibble. My dogs are 45kgs and 35 kgs, so perhaps reduced quatities for smaller dogs, but who knows - no ill affects here even when OH gave them both a large amount each morning when I was overseas.
  6. benny123


    Oh, this is so very sad. Rest in peace beautiful big boy.
  7. On of our pups went through 'weird ear' when he was teething - cute really. Weird puppy ear Normal adult ear
  8. Ditto to what varicool said. I'm around 60kg and take 5mg a day - so for a little whippet, it seems a high dose. I had a 67kg GSD/Newfoundland cross that exhibited the same symptoms after two days on 25mgs. The vet got him down to 5mgs. I think your boy needs a lasser dose for his body size. Has the vet given you a plan for slow reduction of the dose? You can't just stop corticosteroids outright, the dose needs to be slowly reduced to hopefully zero. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from whatever ails Bobby.
  9. Have you tried Nature's Gift canned food? Apparently no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
  10. Is it possible to add an N/A to the questions so that those that are not feeding Orijen can enter something and see the poll results? I'm not feeding Orijen at present but may consider it so would love to the the poll numbers. Thanks
  11. I feed twice a day. One third of daily food at 6.00am and two thirds between 4.00 and 5.00pm.
  12. She's home now - still quite groggy but wouldn't settle and sleep. OH has now had to get into bed and take Beanie with him so she can sleep it off. As we've only recently moved to the Southern Highlands this was our first time at a new vet in this area. I can't recommend the Bowral Veterinary Hospital highly enough :D. They were wonderful and so caring - all of them, from the receptionist to the nurses to the vet. However, having said that, I hope I don't have to see them too often.
  13. She's in hospital now having the tooth extracted. It was split right up through the root. Poor little girl must have been in so much pain. It's Spud's and Beanie's 2nd birthday this coming Saturday - a nice bone is out of the question now in terms of presents.
  14. My poor little girl is so accident prone - it's always her on the wrong end of whatever. Tonight OH was throwing the ball for Spud & Bean and they both ran after it from different sides of the yard and collided - they've done that before. I"ve just noticed Beanie licking her lip on one side and rubbing her mouth on the floor. On closer inspection it seems that she's broken a tooth - front one next to the canine. Off to the vet first thing in the morning. Has anyone else had this type of thing happen? I expect it will have to be removed.
  15. Cool. Her name is Alison and she luuuurves big dogs. She has the most beautiful German Shepherd (Bullet) that goes to work with her, he is devine. The first time my two (rescue litter mates) experienced the mobile groomer, my boy was fine, loved very minute. My girl was terrified, not that she made a sound - Bullet, who usually sits in Alisons car came out and into the grooming trailer and licked my girl all over the face as if to say it's OK, I'm here, I'll protect you". My girl has had a crush on GSDs ever since
  16. The only one I know is Barking Beauties (mobile groomer). Based in Bundeena but she does travel around the Shire. We used her when we lived in Bundeena and she was great - really lovely woman. Sadly, I no longer have the phone number as we've moved out of the area, but it's either Barking Beauties or Barking Beauty.
  17. Do you feed bones occasionally? If so, that's probably the reason :D
  18. I've had my two on this for 8 weeks since Nutro is no longer available in Australia and they are doing very well on it. Their weight is fabulous, their coats blindingly shiny and they have loads of energy. I'm very happy with it. It is the base of their diet which is also supplemeted with sardines, eggs, yoghurt, raw meaty bones, chicken frames, and fish. I buy it from Petbarn. ETA - pics of healthy, shiny fit dogs after two months on Pro Plan Selects Excuse the dodgy room, we were painting, but it shows their shiny healthy coats (they were flat out helping - NOT)
  19. It is very hard to guess adult weights with mixed breeds. We have two mixed breed rescue dogs and needed to know the same thing in terms of feeding and types of food. Our vet said that at four months (16 weeks) they should be roughly half of their adult weight. Our boy, Spud, was just over 22kgs at 16 weeks - he now hovers between 45 & 46 kgs at almost two years. His sister, Beanie was 18 kgs at 4 months and she is now 35.5 kgs. So pretty accurate. If you know what Tyson weighed at 4 months just double it for approximate adult weight and you shoud be pretty right.
  20. A couple of raw eggs a week added to the diet also adds shine.
  21. Same thing happened to mine when they were pups so I asked my vet. Apparently it's totally normal and nothing to worry about. BTW, you have a gorgeous pup
  22. Same problem here. Now that I've moved to the Southern Highlands I can't seem to find many super premium kibbles for large breed dogs. Almost bought RC but changed my mind when I saw that the first ingredient was cereal (can't remember which bit I think it was corn). I then tried to get Nutrience large breed lamb and rice as the ingredients seemed similar to Nutro and the kibble size looked large, but Pet Barn couldn't get in in when I needed it. So now I've gone with Pro Plan Selects Lamb and Oatmeal but again it just 'Adult', not large breed and the kibble is quite small. I now put a little water in it and then always add something like sardines, chicken mince, eggs or tuna and mix it up. That way Beanie doesn't choke as she inhales her dinner.
  23. Thanks Flava, and a big hello back. Only got the internet connected in the new house a couple of days ago....almost a month without DOL . Beanie is asleep at the moment with Spud and their dad (OH), the three of them all curled up on the doggie beds in the lounge room. Not sure weather to wake the dad to go to bed or throw a blanket over the three of them . If/when I wake them I'll bathe the foot again and wrap it with sticky plaster as Gareth says and if no improvement in her in the moring it's off to the vet. Not that I have a vet as we've just move in but there are about 20 of them in the local area.
  24. From memory they were excellent for tick control (provided they don't get wet) but you'll need a peg for your nose - they stink. I used them on my previous dog, Benny, in conjunction with Proban tablets after he almost died from a tick. I've not used them with Spud and Beanie as they wrestle too much and bite each other on the neck in play.
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