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  1. I know, sorry. And I know they're little wild creatures and this sort of thing happens. I'm just so sad for this little broken family.
  2. It really is so sad, she has no idea why she's been abandoned. Perhaps we should bring his body in so she can see it and understand. It worries me that she hasn't moved from the spot where she was last with him. I can't stop crying - a pox on the mongrel that ran him down
  3. My girl is three and still does it . I do the frequent toileting, particularly when I know there'll be excitment (like dad coming home from work) - but she still seems to keep a bit of pee aside for special occasions
  4. You were a wonderful, brave, caring father and partner. You saw off every intruder that entered your domain, including us and protected your family. You didn't deserve to die A family of wood ducks moved into our yard and pool last Wednesday; mum, dad and five babies. They were doing really well and loving the safety of our yard. The parents had started taking turns at leaving and feeding elsewhere for a short while then coming back. Today the father duck went off and left mum with the kids. While he was gone she took them next door to feed on their garden. He came back and couldn't find them so he went out to the street to look for them - some b*stard in a car ran him down , we found his little body on the road when we checked the letterbox. Mummy duck has since returned with the babies and can't understand why he's not there. She's waiting with the duckings in the same spot that she last saw him - it's so sad. Wood Ducks mate for life . I don't know if the family will survive without him and I feel completely helpless and very sad. This is the little family before the devistation
  5. This was baby Spud's first bath (in the human bath), he wasn't sure if he liked very much then. This is adult Spud just loving his hydobath. Baby Beanie hated her first bath - check out the scratches and bites on her dad's arm Even as an adult, dad still has to hold the smiling assassin while she has a bath
  6. I haven't personally had any experience with dog toothpaste but my sister has. She has always cleaned her dog's teeth with doggy toothpaste and either a finger brush (rubber thing with rubber bristles that fits on a human finger) or a soft human toothbrush. Mind you, she started doing this when they were pups, so it was just part of life as far as they were concerned. Her current dog has some sort of health issue where he can only eat prescription low protien diet and no bones or meat of any sort. He's now 13 but from when he was diagnosed at around two, she has taught him to clean his teath with the toothbrush. She buys chicken flavoured toothpaste (not sure where, perhaps from the vet) and uses a soft human toothbrush (with a largish handle). She puts the toothpaste on the brush and gives it to the dog and he holds it like a bone and chews away....always under supervision.
  7. My 15 kg Cocker Spaniel once ate a family size Cadbury milk chocolate block - while she didn't seem to have any adverse reaction to the chocolate (not even a pimple), she did appear to be defecating in purple and silver packets for a day or two.
  8. Since we moved from the Sutherland shire to the Southern Highlands I've had a devil of a time trying to find decent raw food for pets. I have found that Williams Meats (or Williams Butchery, not sure) in Mittagong do a pet mince that is pretty much minced chicken frames with a little bit of offal in the mix - possibly chicken liver. Some days it's fresh other it's frozen into 1kg bags. If it's frozen I ask them to cut each bag into four portions - no probs. If anyone knows of any other places in the Southern Highlands, NSW I'd love to hear about it
  9. Do you have any wandering dew growing in the garden? It causes allergic skin reactions in dogs.
  10. I would try just using luke warm water without any shampoos, the warm water should remove any debris from the coat. I had a GSD with terribly sensitive skin and hot spots; every shampoo I tried (most recommended by vet) made it worse
  11. benny123


    I'm so, so sorry, I've been following your other thread. Rest in peace sweet Molly
  12. Ditto what dogmad said. Run free Buddy and be happy now that you've experienced real love.
  13. Beanie was incontinent for about a year - inside dog, sleeps on dog beds and human beds. On the dog beds we used cot and basinette matress protectors (the ones with towling over the plastic - more comfortable for pup), on top of that we had polar fleece rugs as they wash and dry very quickly. On the human bed a queen sized matress protector, then on the area that she slept we put one of those plastic backed picnic rugs and more polar fleece on top of that. We had several matress protectors as they also needed to be washed daily. It all worked very well and not one dog bed or human bed died as a result EFT
  14. Haven't tried the chews yet, but I bought two six packs. Petbarn in NSW and ACT (not sure about other states) have the 6 pack chews on sale. I got the large dog ones (i.e. Interceptor white) for around $35 a pack. They're on sale until 9 September, I think.
  15. benny123


    A beautiful tribute for a beautiful girl. I'll have to wait a bit before I go back to the living room because they'll wonder why I'm ;) Have a wonderful eternity playing at the bridge and watching over your family, Chloe, you've been such a good girl.
  16. I'm also the one taking the photos (heaps of OH and the dogs ) I only have these two and can't even find the originals.
  17. benny123


    I have a very serious question for Pointee breeder/owners.... ....can we have more pics please?
  18. Good luck Rex, I know where you're coming from... ...but they do eventually learn
  19. I just had to check the date on the photos taken when my two had their last bath.... 4 September 2007, two days before their 1st birthday. They'll be three this September. After that bath their coats were no longer shiny, their skin seemed irritated and they were scratching like crazy, so no bath since. Their coats are now super shiny, their skin is great and they don't smell at all. They do swim a lot in summer and if they get a bit muddy, they're wiped down with a damp towel. They get brushed weekly. Oh, and they live in the house and sleep on the bed. The below pics were taken a week or two ago of my unwashed mutts. Beanie on the dog bed in the home office Spud at the top of the stairs
  20. My two were car sick on every journey (whether it was 5 minutes or 30 minutes) from 8 weeks to 18 months (God only knows how I got such a good trade-in on that car ). Then, the day we moved house and had to drive for two hours to the new house - not a vomit in sight and they haven't been sick since. They seemed to just grow out of it. They now love the car so much that in addition to their two walks a day we also take them for a drive.
  21. Yep , I think I pay around $78 at Pet Barn for Sentinel Spectrum - large dogs.
  22. Mine are itching like crazy too. They had advantix applied last week but I think they may have picked up some adult fleas when we've been walking - particularly after all the rain. We can't see any fleas on them but OH now has a couple of bites too. I'm going to get some Capstar tablets.
  23. Beanie was on Stilboestrol on and off for about 12 months when she developed incontinence at around 10 months (she's a rescue and was speyed at 8 weeks). She was also on and off antibiotics during that time for recurring UTIs. Poor little girl had ultrasounds and urine extracted from her bladder via syringe etc to try and find the cause. The reason was a mystery but the vet assumed hormone imbalance due to early desexing. Miraculously it just disappeared after about a year of hormone and anti-b treatment. Since then, in the past 12 months she's wet herself twice - both times she's been sitting guarding a toy (ball etc) from her brother and wouldn't move from the spot in case Spud got the toy while she was gone. Luckily she was on the paving at the back. When she was suffering from incontinence she would wet the bed every night. So we went to a manchester shop and bought fitted matress protectors for every bed in the house (plastic on one side and towelling on the other). We had three queen size ones for the human beds and then purchased cot and bassinette sized ones for all the dog beds (plus extras to use when washing the others - I've still got a couple of cot sized ones still in the packets I went overboard). We then purchased several metres of polar fleece to cover over the top of those as they're easy to wash and very fast drying. It is a nightmare though. We didn't find any change to her personality during the treatment with stilboestrol, however, male dogs found her quite attractive including her desexed brother So that's perhaps one thing to look out for with hormone treatment. EFT Someone once mentioned cranberry tablets but that may have been for UTIs, not incontenance - can't remember.
  24. Dear beautiful May, you can now rest in peace darling because you loved and were loved in return. Run pain free sweet girl.
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