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  1. No blood, but he is limping a bit. I couldn't see anything in it just a little flap (match head size on 55kg dogs foot) which is on the front of the big pad and I think it rubs against the others. Wondering if it feels like a paper cut on a finger which usually sting like crazy. Sadly no vets open at this time on a Sunday. If he's still limping in the morning it's off to the vet.
  2. Thanks. Will do it now then take him for a drive (rather than his arvo walk) to take his mind off licking it.
  3. Spud seems to have a small nick on one of his pads - walked on something sharpish, somewhere I guess. I'd like to wash it before putting some neocort on it - however, I only have betadine and dettol in the house, nothing animal specific. What should I use or is there something I can get from the chemist that would be better?
  4. Good Lord...I just Googled it up on another site....hope my sister didn't pay this much for them - I think I'm going to feint. Cool things
  5. Yes, they're called Uncle Milton's Pets Eye View Camera.
  6. Spud and Beanie each got a 'Collar Camera' for Christmas from my sister. So we put them on and took the dogs for a walk. Apart from mainly taking pictures of his own tongue... ...Spud managed to take a picture of Beanie while we were waiting to cross the road
  7. With Proban, I thought I read somewhere to start 2 weeks before and continue for two weeks after visiting a tick infested area.
  8. When the original US Nutro (adult Lamb & Rice) was no longer available in Australia in switched my two to Pro Plan Sensitive (salmon). They loved it but over the months their coats lost all their shine and felt quite dry. When Nutro (made in Australia) became available I switched them back to the Lamb and Rice and their coats are now lovely, shiny and healthy again. I also feed sardines and raw eggs a couple of time a week which I think helps but I was also feeding those with the Pro Plan so I put the healthy coats down to the Nutro Lamb and Rice. What variety of Nutro were you feeding?
  9. benny123


    Such a beautiful boy - I still think of him from time to time and it still makes me , like now. RIP Asher.
  10. Any updates on the little (or, perhaps not so little) surprise puppy?
  11. Our three year old dogs that have never had an allergic reaction to anything, have this year (in the last three weeks) developed a couple of hot spots and ear infections. The vet thinks the hot spots on one dog is related to the ear infection as he's been scratching below his ear and now has an abrasion and loss of hair in those areas. The other dog has one on her back that she can't reach to scrath, so it looks a lot better than his. They are currently being treated with cortisone, ear drops and a spray for the spots - seems to be working. However, the vet did say that just about every second dog that had been in over the last couple of weeks has had the same or similar symptoms and that it's very odd, particularly in dogs that have had no problems previously. He put it down pollen allergies as we've had more rain this summer than in many years and a lot more trees and plants are flowering and shedding pollen and many of these dogs would not have been exposed to them their life. He said it's also been quite a humid summer which creates a breeding ground for bacteria on the dogs skin. I know it's different to Stevie's problem, but are there any plants around that have been dormant during the drought that have suddenly come back to life? May even be certain grasses that make contact with her face if she's sniffing around in it (like mine do to find possum poo ).
  12. We had our old GSD on Sasha's Blend (and cartrophen injections for a while). We really weren't sure if the Sasha's Blend was doing anything until we went on holidays for 10 days (with the dog) and forgot to take it with us. Poor boy became very sore and stiff without it. I've now got two quite large rescue dogs that are 3 and a half years old, but I have them on Sasha's already, purely as protection for their currently healthy joints and to try and keep them that way.
  13. I didn't think they had ticks in the mountains - I thought they were mainly a coastal problem.
  14. Me: retired (ex Airline marketing) Beanie: loves life in the fast lane - a skydiver, racing car driver, the Red Baron Spud: a librarian
  15. Come down to the Southern Highlands....this place is crawling with them (pardon the pun). It was particularly bad after the heavy rain we had recently, they all got flooded out of the holes and were running everywhere including inside the house (as well as a small tiger snake) I think I'll write to council and suggest that, in the tradition of the big banana and the big pineapple, we have the big funnel web at the turn off on the Hume Hwy.
  16. This is Spud in a nutshell - very cruisey, gentle, lazy boy And these best depict Beanie - our wild child EFT
  17. I found a couple of really old dodgy pics of me and the pups. These are all I have as I'm generally the one taking the photos.
  18. Here's Norskgra's thread from when Brock had surgery Brock's bowel obstruction Wishing your doggy a speedy recovery.
  19. Maybe PM Norskgra, I think her Hamiltonstovare, Brock, ate part of his canvas crate when he was young and as a consequence had to have surgery for a bowel obstruction.
  20. Abbigail Abby AJ Alice Alika Alchemy Amber Amelia Amy x 2 Anais Annie Anastacia (Annie) Angel X 4 Anishinaabe Annabelle Annabella April April RIP x 2 Arizona Asante sana Ashka Askari Astro Athena Audrey Aura Ayla Baba Baci Bailey Beanie Beans Becky Bella x4 Bit Blaize Blossom Bonny x 2 (Bonnie) Bonita Brandi Brandy Bree Bridie Bronte Buffy Cally Cara Cassie Casper CC Cedar Chelsea Chevy x 2 Chloe x 2 Charlotte Cider Cinta CJ x 2 Claire Claudia Clover Cleoparta Coco x3 Cookie Cossette Crupi Daisy Dallas Delilah Delta Demi Dexta Diazz Dinky Dixie Durham Dyzney Ebony Echo Elizabeth Ella Ellie Ellie x2 Emily Emma Emmy Erin Evie Faith Fanta Feather Finta Fleur Froggy Gabby Gemma Genie (not exactly a girly name but I thought it suited my goldy) George Ginny Gita Glitter Grace Griffin GT Gypsy x 3 Harlow Hayley x2 Heddy Heidi x2 Holly x 5 Honey Honour Hope Imme Imogen - Imy Jade Jane Jasmine Jay Jay Jazz Jedda RIP Jenna x 2 Jess Jessi Jessica Jessie x 2 Jezebel Jindi Jodie Juliet Kara Kari Karma Karmen Kaos Katie x 2 Katy Kayla Keilani Keirra Kelli Kelsey Kenzie Kibah Kiesha Kiri Kiri-Lu Kirra (agility name Kiz) Kitty Kizzey Krissy Kuean - (Queen) Lacey Layla Lea (lele) Leia Lexi x 2 Libby Lily x 2 Lobo Logan Lola x 2 Lottie Lucy x5 Luuka Mable Maddison Maggie x2 Mallee Marie Claudette Marlo Meeka Meg Meisha Merrique Mia Milla Millie x3 Mindy Minnie x 2 (Mynni) Minouche Mischka Misty Mitzi Molly x5 Molly Coddle Moochie Mya Nala Narla Natasha Nena Ness Olivia Pagan Paris Paxy Pearl Pebbles Peggie Penny Phoebe Pip Piper Polly x 2 Popcorn Porridge Porscha Prada Quince Rani Reba Rebel Reno Rhoda Riki Rizzi Rogue Rommi Rosey Rosie x 2 Roxy x 2 Ruby x3 Rumour Sabrina Sadie Saffron Safire Sally x2 Sarah Sarah Jane Sascha x 2 Sasha Sarsha Satu Savannah Scandal Shae Shandy Shannon Sharnie Sheba Shine Sinta Sienna Skye SkySnow Sooty Sophie x2 Sophia Springy Spook Stella x2 Stimpy X2 Storm Sue Suzie Sybill Tara x 2 Tasha Tayla Teegan Tess x 4 Tessa Texas Tia x 2 Tilba Tilli Tilly x3 Tinny (tin tin) Tori Tully Tyra Vada Voodoo Winter Wilhelmina Xanthe Zara Zillah Ziva x 3 Zoe x 3 Somewhere in the previous two posts my Beanie went AWOL - I've just added her back in.
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