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  1. A vigorous wipe over with a wetish towel and lots and lots of brushing/combing and a squirt of doggie cologne.
  2. Beanie has broken her nail (on the equivalent of her little toe) while playing fetch in the garden. Most of the nail is gone and the quick is exposed. We've bathed it and cleaned it up with warm salty water and applied Betadine. Poor little girl is licking it continuously and I'm sure it's very sore - like ripping you fingernail off. We have some Neocort - should we apply that?
  3. My previous dog was on Science Diet for a little while, based on Vet advice - then I read the ingredients,yuk. Peanut husks, huh? His coat was drab, his skin was hideous and he just didn't like it. We switched him to Royal Canin and there was a vast improvement. My current dogs are on Nutro which, unfortunately, is no longer available in Australia. I'm quite upset about it as they are soooo healthy. I'll have to switch to something else. Perhaps Eagle Pack Holistic, or Artemis or Orijen. Not sure yet. But I'd never feed Science Diet again.
  4. Poor Gypsy. She's having a rough trot. Get well wishes for us.
  5. benny123


    If it should be, that I grow ill and weak, And pain should keep me from my sleep, Then, you must do what must be done For this, the last battle can't be won. You will be sad, I understand Don't let your grief then stay your hand, For this day, more than the rest, Your love and friendship stand the test. We had a lovely happy year, What is to come can hold no fear, You'd not want me to suffer, so, When the time comes, please let me go. Take me where my need they'll tend, Only, stay with me to the end, And hold me firm and speak to me, Until my eyes no longer see. I know, in time you will see, It is a kindness you do to me Although my tail its last has waved, From pain and suffering I've been saved. Don't grieve it should be you, Who decides this thing to do, We've been so close, we two, these years, Don't let your heart hold any tears. Smile, for we walked together, One day we'll walk again, forever.
  6. Thank you. Didn't get back here until now and the guests have gone. I gave her 3 drops on her tongue 10 minutes before they arrived. She was so good. No frantic running, jumping and hiding - she only wet herself twice and it was only a few drops (instead of the usual flood). The guests were really good too, they totally ignored her. Within a few minutes she settled like a normal dog - Oh what a nice afternoon - she seemed to enjoy it too
  7. Anyone have any idea of the Rescue Remedy dosage rate for dogs? I have a very anxious 35kg girl and would like to give her a few drops before visitors arrive, just don't know how much. Appreciate any advise
  8. Glad to hear nothing serious from the Xrtays & Untrasound etc :rolleyes:. Keep us updated on her progress with Propalin.
  9. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, apparently he seem really shocked - Nutro is his biggest seller .
  10. I phoned OH and told him of the dilemma. He went via our current supplier on the way home from work and picked up 37.5kgs of Lamb & Rice. At least it gives me breathing space to find a suitable alternative. Our current supplier was under the impression that there were supplies in containers on the docks, unless, of course these are the containers that AQIS won't clear. I suggest anyone feeding Nutro go to their current supplier and see if they can get some for the interim.
  11. This is bad news, indeed. I've raised my two on Nutro since 8 weeks of age and they are so healthy, shiny and a perfect weight. Not sure what I'll feed now - I was so happy with Nutro. It makes me wonder though, about other imported foods - are they cooked at higher temperatures thereby reducing the nutrient content or irradiated on arrival to satisfy AQIS! Sadly, I've not found an Australian made kibble that I would feed.
  12. Wow, there are a lot of incontinent dogs at the moment. We should try and compare them and see if there are any similarities (sp). Mine Age: 19months Incontinent since: approx 11-12 months old. Medication: Stilboestrol, but no longer having any effect Personality: Hyperactive, anxious, sometimes fearful, dominant with other dogs. Desexed: @ 8 weeks (she is a rescue) Health: pretty good, but did suffer a few UTIs when she was younger but hasn't had one in ages. Also, she has a narrow pelvis and recessed vulva (not inverted, but qute recessed) according to the vet. Other: She's always been a 'submissive urinator' as it's called, har to call her submissive as she's so dominant at times, but then she is anxious and fearful. What about your dogs?
  13. I'm looking for a similar thing - there could be a market here. I'm going to look for (human) matress protectors for bed wetting children - there must be such a thing, and then try and modify it to go over the dog'd bedding (like a fitted sheet), then I can have a supply of washable top covers to go over it. That's all I can think of.
  14. I usually poach the whole liver (or lambs fry) - this makes it easier to slice as it's firm. Then I slice it thinly, about half a centimetre. I lay the slices on a baking sheet (or two) lined with baking paper and cook in a slow oven (140 - 150) for an hour or two, until completely dry. To overcome the smell of liver baking I put a few sprigs of fresh rosemary on the baking trays with the liver. When the liver is finished I store it an a plastic container in the fridge. It lasts for weeks. Once the liver cooking is over I add more rosemary to a baking dish with hot water and put it in the hot oven. It seems to get rid of the liver smell and the house smells of rosemary.
  15. Many thanks for that StaceyB. I also searched and found the info. OH took Beanie to the vet (while I stayed home with Spud) to discuss her probs and get the Incurin as it looked great in terms of limited side effects etc. Our regular vet was not on and the other vet sent him home with Propalin . We have to do something as our dogs also sleep on the (human) bed. I bought several of those plastic backed picnic rugs and I put them plastic side up where she sleeps and then put one of her washable rugs on top. Every morning I have to wash her rug, replace the picnic rug, and clean the previous night's picnic rug with disinfectant. I tried putting her in a pair of disposable pull-ups, with a hole for her tail, but she shredded them .
  16. I'm watching this thread too as my girl has become quite incontinent (during the night or when he is sleeping during the day). Mine is 18 months old and this has been getting worse over the last couple of months. My girl was speyed at 8 weeks as she was a rescue. She's had numerous UTIs that have been treated with ABs, ahe's had ultrasounds and Xrays totry an determine the cause of the UTIs - too no avail. the incontinence seems to have started about 6months ago. We've tried Stilbestrol tabs but they no longer work. I don't want to give her Propalin as I've heard the side effects can be quite drastic and she's hyper already without help from drugs. I really don't know what to do now - I'm washing bedding twice a day. Poor girl - she has no idea that she's doing it
  17. I've bought/do buy minced chicken frames from Lenards, BUT Ive tried several Lenards and there is only one I will buy from. The others were just horrid - threw it away. The one I buy from minces while you wait. I guess as they are franchised some know and have dogs and know what they would feed their's and others don't. Haven't bought from pet food suppliers as those that I've been in didn't have very good looking/fresh minced frames. I use the mince to make their kibble interesting a few nights a week. For teeth cleaning I give turkey necks and lamb necks. Edit: my typing is terrible (arthritis)
  18. Just want to say :D for taking the beautiful boy from Hawkesbury and giving him a chance.
  19. Ok so the beef liver treats need to stop. Spotted Devil, what training treats do you use? Cooked chicken is impractical because it needs to be planned and is kind of messy. I use treats when we are caravaning and we might go for a walk, when we see another dog he tends to want to lunge to at it (to play) so I sit him and then reward him with the treat as the other dog walks by, kind of diverts his attention. As well as using them for most daily training, Liver treat seemed high value to him. Can you get Lamb Liver anywhere? about the SWF I just thought if she had mange or mites Maverick could have caught them off her. Not sure if you can get lamb liver treats anywhere. I buy a lambs fry from the butcher and make the training treats at home. I poach it (as it's easier to slice after poaching) and then slice it thinly and dry it in a single layer in the oven (about 160c). I then store it in a container in the fridge. It lasts for weeks.
  20. This is so terribly sad; tragic . Although I don't currently have a GSD I read the GSD thread every day and Diane's posts were warm, informative, educational and kind. Deepest sympathy to her family, friends and beautiful GSDs. Rest in peace lovely lady and watch over and comfort your family.
  21. RIP dear old Chess, you seem to have had a wonderful long life where you gave love and received love. Good boy.
  22. That is so sad, poor little baby boy. So sorry Trish. RIP baby boy Tonka Run free of pain little darling.
  23. As others have said, please take her to the vet and no more washing in harsh flea shampoo. A quality diet is very important, if she is not getting the nutrients she needs things will start breakdown as can be seen with her skin and coat. So please consider changing her to a premium dry food. Here's a pic of a dog raised on quality kibble supplemented with (weekly) chicken frames, turkey necks, lamb necks, raw egg, sardines (twice a week) and yoghurt (daily). He has a blindingly shiny healthy coat, a lovely cold we nose and clear sparkly eyes. He eats Nutro Choice Lamb and Rice now and was raised on Nutro puppy kibble from 8 weeks. Diet does make a huge difference. Good luck with your little girl.
  24. I used proban on my previous dog for 6 - 7 years (every 2nd day non-stop) with no side effects. He was a very large dog (67kgs) and passed away at age 11. Before we used Proban we used frontline and he almost died from a tick. We've used it now on Spud and Beanie for 12 months (from 6 months to 18 months old). There are so many ticks in this part of the world, it's too risky not to. A neighbour's dog was on Proban for most of her life too (Kelpie x Lab), she was put to sleep at 17 due to chronic severe arthritis. Her elderly owner once took proban herself in stead of her heart medication. When she realised what she's done she rang the Poison's Hotline. They giggled and said "oh well, you won't have fleas this week" ED for typing
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