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  1. Anyone know of a good dog behaviourist in Melbourne? appreciate it
  2. Anyone know of a good dog behaviourist in Melbourne? appreciate it
  3. If I knew how to make hair grow I would make a cream sell it to bald guys and be a multi billion-aire
  4. plenty of show tips on Youtube.....for free
  5. I've had my fibreglass whelp box since 1986. Wouldn't get anything else. I just wish the sides were a little bit higher as the pups escape from 3 weeks of age onwards. I like that the pig rails are removable on mine.
  6. lots of people have had issues with FX. I'd personally go for a Davcar.
  7. Nothing worse than seeing 2 70+ year old ladies going fist to cuffs over who had the best fruit cake. The Cake Ladies at ag shows are the worst!!!! Getting back to dogs: 1/ It's harder to keep dogs now with all the council bureaucratic hoops you have to jump through. Alot of breeders have thrown theirs hands up and given up. 2/ Face judging is and will always be around. But with that being said, get yourself (or breed) a great show dog and it will win. 3/ We live in PC world. Some people get overly sensitive about the tiniest things. 4/ If you really know what kind of person you are, any crap that anyone else says should just wash over you.
  8. Gee the PIAA certainly have their own head firmly implanted into their own ass.
  9. Yes. the formula is (required strength / stock strength) x (stock volume / 1) = you need to convert them both to the same metric weight and volume. (ie: can't use grams and kg's)
  10. It would depend on breed when we had afghans we found that you never left them at home at age as that is when you could lose them totally. I agree. I spelled out a whippet for 6 months and he never came back. A gorgeous looking dog ended up in a pet home
  11. I've seen people wear "earthy browns/oranges/ochres" with the blue cattledogs and it looks quite nice.
  12. The best anaesthetic is actually one that is given by someone who is knowledgeable with the latest drugs and techniques. Anaesthesia is becoming safer and more minimalist every day in humans. IF you own a sighthound don't let a vet get anywhere near your dog with any kind of barbituate.
  13. looks like a reaction to a bite. Poor thing Hope he gets better soon
  14. I'd be going to another vet. Dog surgery shouldn't come with "side dishes".
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