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  1. Well, I'm off to free Bonnie into the nearby National Park. I'm sure a timid 3.5kg Chihuahua will have a much better life fending for herself out "in the wild".
  2. Goodness time flies, I would never have thought Toby was 14!! What a huge loss for Katrina, he seemed like a special boy.
  3. Hi raz! Indeedy, it does oxidise quickly from what I've heard.
  4. Thanks for all your replies...I've yet to give them a go, will pop a small quantity in her next batch of food I make up. Luckily she is one of those greedy chis who eat anything - including a raw piece of eggplant I dropped while making dinner last night ;)
  5. I'm currently using Advance (small breed turkey and rice). It's "okay" but have just ordered some Artemis to try out (small breed one). I think this brand has won awards - it's meant to be very good. I've also tried Eagle Pack Salmon - that was pretty good too. I was under the impression that Royal Canin had heaps of "fillers" in it and wasn't actually that brilliant
  6. I've thought of adding a bit of ground flaxseed to some of Bonnie's meals (for omega 3 etc). Is it safe for dogs?
  7. Unfortunately their treats also have sugar in them :D Too bad, they otherwise seem to be a good brand...
  8. I was tossing up between a chi and a pap - chis easier to come by and much less hair!
  9. Thanks Sounds like too much sun is bad for us and our dogs! Makes sense really, especially as the sun seems "stronger" these days (unless that is just my imagination?)
  10. I feed bonnie a raw chicken neck most evenings (I've heard that a bit of chicken fat is good for their coats). She also gets mince/veg some days and a high quality dry food. Maybe some fish/flaxseed oil would help your kelpie's coat? Not sure if black dogs are just naturally shiny, but my chi Bonnie has a glorious coat: Pardon her weight - she is about 1/2 kg slimmer now
  11. I'm guessing Howie was found soon afterwards at your place having a bath?!
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