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  1. Cas perhaps I've missed it but where is the thread of a million photos of this pup, please?
  2. Photos thread - they're there :)
  3. Thanks Dan. Hawthorne could be a bit busy (went there a few years ago for a look) but Concord could work once I know what I'm dealing with in terms of Sam's reactivity - and mine. I know Hurstville changed a lot just over a year let alone several - ups and downs - so probably St George and Concord do too. I might drop in on a few of them with or without Sam to get a feel for the atmosphere. Also the driving and parking because inner west is crazy even early on a Sunday!
  4. Yeah, the nature of volunteering - I cut them a lot of slack for that!
  5. Just be forgiving of your local council who are also learning how the new system works as well! :laugh: I think it depends who you get through to on the day... Though both Canterbury and Marrickville stuffed up entries a few times so I just kept emailing until they got it right!
  6. Thanks so much Scottsmum! What you said about St George sounds just like a lot of my experience at Hurstville all-breeds. I started with Stevie a few times over the years but various negatives - food only rewards for a food obsessed dog, having to be 'in' to get attention in the higher levels, letting completely inexperienced people train (they didn't see the dogfights coming!) - after a while we'd get bored or frustrated and gave up. If you got the boss trainer it was all good, otherwise messy. Sounds like I need a chat with Diane :)
  7. Does anyone go to either St George or Sydney ABTCs? How big are they, how well organised, any recommendation either way? Sammy needs some basic training or at least a place with some stable dogs where I can study - with someone else checking - what's going on with his current reactivity after he was hassled by some little dogs recently. Our Vet's puppy school trainer Diane has also been recommended (by the vet of course) as a behaviourist - anyone dealt with a Diane out of Petersham?
  8. Well done! Our record was 2 of our own (labXgoldie and kelpie), 2 family dogs staying over (JR), 2 (mad Lab) fosters and the Maggot dog in a crate in another room (he had pneumonia and issues). Our cat went into the wardrobe for that week!
  9. I believe there will be phone support soon(?) to help when it just doesn't work.
  10. Jealous. I paid a show price and no delivery but still exxy. Sheridan I didn't spend any time with the SCWT because the two dogs there were drawing a crowd because of their play/wrestling. I don't know what the breeders were saying. The curly-coated retriever people were honest and ready to discuss potential negatives. As were the Tibetan Terrier and Samoyeds. The Leonburgers and Irish Wolfhounds just be. Multiple greyhound rescue groups is confusing.
  11. It was almost all purebreed and rescue. The bosdog people were there too. Finnish Laphund and Norwegian Elkhounds and Bedlington and Manchester terriers
  12. I must have missed thisi one?? Where was it in relation to our stand? Way up the back of the other pavilion. Near the face painting corner. The Lagotto people were going for walkies just. there. so deliberate but I've only just realised! I'd have talked about their non-sheddingness even louder! PK I saw the agility Pap in action!
  13. There was one big stand dressed up like the other breed stands. From many years on DOL I know lots of breed names even if I sometimes get them mixed up but I'd never heard of the 'Tamaruke'. They looked just like a lab x poodle type. I didn't get a chance to go have a chat but wish I had now I've googled the name!
  14. Oh Jumabaar I got so confused with all the vet stands and don't know your real name so couldn't find you!
  15. I met Huski and Blaze! Also Monelite and lovely dobes. 'Just missed' both ~Anne~ and Ruthless. Lots of Ruthless photography on display at both Fetching Dogs and Dobe stands. Anne I got handfuls of the dogtags - Sue said that was the instruction right? Give 'em away in handfuls? She fixed my pet registry issue, and we did NOT talk swimming pools with the nice bloke there. I've got treats, sample bags, new personalised collars and a new bed on its way. Expensive day in the end but worth it to get smooches from Lagotto pups!
  16. I'll be wearing a very unique Tardis bag - starry night - if you see me say hello!
  17. I'm aiming for Sunday too. I collected so many treats and samples last year, and shook hands with the lovely Sir Roger of Goldie Rescue.
  18. Best group on Facebook! I don't seem to find it when I search FB. Can you please link?
  19. Airedales are terriers so possibly not good with chooks. I was thinking Lab but soooo much shedding (I have two Dysons) and they may not go well in the heat and humidity. I think a smaller dog, but with the right bark to sound protective, would be happier. Smooth coat collie would work (not that I have much experience with them).
  20. I've managed Stevie and Jodie, but Sam (and our kitty who has since passed) aren't coming up.
  21. We've been using Joint Guard for many years. Recently Stevie's hips were x-rayed and the vet couldn't believe how well she is moving considering the bony spurs she's now carrying. But Jount Guard is stupidly expensive and the vet says the Blackmores 'PAW Osteosupport' chew things are better now anyway, so we've swapped to those and she's even bouncier than before. We've just started the other dogs on them this week so it will be interesting to see if Jodie's morning stiffness is relieved.
  22. I've survived the horrible recaptcha security, and the silly security questions, and put in my driver licence. So far so good. However I don't seem to be able to claim any of my dogs. Does the phone number have to be in a particular format? I'm reading straight off printout from the Certificate of Registration from NSW CAR that was sent by council. It's a bit of a worry. I'll persevere but I wonder how many others will.
  23. Ummmm Anne I've been looking out for changes and didn't know about this! It's good to see any sort of update to NSW registry.
  24. I just met two Leonbergers! They're having a day-trip to Sydney and have been splashing in the harbour (and a fountain or two) and just had a nice lunch at The Rocks. What beautiful dogs. Good looking, well behaved, and with nice owners who understood why I'd want to stop and chat and have a bit of a pat.
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