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  1. Hi Tapua I've been thinking of you when looking at this thread. Sammy is reacting to Starkhere's 'puppy puppy' call on the videos and I think he thinks it's you!
  2. This looks like a great opportunity - posted on Facebook by AMRRIC: PhD Scholarship - Investigating the influence of dog ownership on human health Charles Perkins Centre & the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, have two PhD supplementary scholarships available for suitably qualified candidates from human health-related or veterinary disciplines. The aim for the broader research project is to investigate the effects of dog ownership on cardiometabolic health, psychological health and mental wellbeing, social connections, and health-related behaviours such as physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep. The successful candidates will be based at the Charles Perkins Centre (CPC), University of Sydney and will become an active member of the CPC Dog Ownership and Human Health project node http://sydney.edu.au/perkins/research/current-research/dog-ownership-and-human-health.shtml Although not a requirement, upon approval by their supervisors, the successful candidates will have an opportunity to undertake units (free of charge) from the Sydney School of Public Health Masters coursework that are relevant to their PhD studies up to a maximum of 12 credit points.
  3. No i was marrickville pay it forward; ) I just joined that one too! Great group.
  4. I stay away from the BSS pages (except inner west which doesn't do pets - Scottsmum was that you?) but wow, even lost pets is tricky! Am I really that wrong in suggesting a habitual stray is better going back to Sydney Dog & Cats home than going to 'I'll take him if he isn't chipped' person? And SOOO many lost cats who 'didn't come home' - ummm, because keeping a cat in is so hard really?
  5. I can't spot the actual quote now but somewhere above is a comment that perhaps people are buying these dogs because they don't need much exercise. I've been thinking about that. I've spoken to a few people who have shown pug or frenchie (and crosses like the jack Russell x pug) and the reason is more that they're 'cute' and 'safe for the kids'. Safe means that although they play they aren't strong enough to knock a kid over and 'they can't bite'. They're also perceived as not as yappy and don't need as much grooming as the oodles. Can't they bite? How do they eat bones etc?
  6. It was on The Project and now IFLS http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/researchers-warn-growing-trend-flat-faced-dogs Every second dog in the inner west is pug, frenchie, Boston or a mix.
  7. Well, I won't say that it won't be hard for me AL, but I have incredible homes lined up whom have been vehemently screened and with me (some of them for almost a year) for ages. We have our own Starkehre litter fb group where we all chat daily, they come and visit and will be involved in the training we are doing with the puppies. And because we are paying for and enrolling all our puppy people into an additional 8 weeks of training with several different professional trainers they are very appreciative and really looking forward to working with their puppies. The puppies are booked in for two separate sessions with Alphabet, one without the owners and one with. We've been there before and she runs incredible classes and invaluable opportunities for dogs and owners alike to learn how to communicate and socialise confidently and correctly with other dogs. Thank you, yes Seven is really chilled about her babies. She is diligent with care and attention, but not OTT. They are now testing out their vocals on her and she shows them how to respond. It is amazing to watch. I am so proud of Seven. She is an incredible bitch, that's for sure. That's great work Stark. I'd want to line up for one of your pups! (In my dreams, because so many breeds, but Rotties are on the dream list)
  8. Wow that looks amazing! I was with my dad and his sister and one of his brothers the other day and they were reminiscing about all the dogs, horses, birds and other random pets they'd had as kids. Their magpie was voted the best pet - even though he couldn't catch a cricket ball - he was the most intelligent with incredible character and mimicry skills. He could call out each kid's name with 'get home NOW' exactly like my nan's voice and they had to sprint home from wherever they were being a bit feral just in case it was her!
  9. They said they had a fence. We visited and they were on the corner of two busy roads and there were palings missing. They didn't get the dog and I'll never not get the yard checked. PR is changing. I don't like it.
  10. Jodie has amazing superpowers. She can switch off gravity so she hangs in the air until the ball lands in her mouth. But her true strength (I suspect) is putting the ball under your bum or in your lap. Like a ninja stealth dog, so you don't know until you've sat on it or realised your lap is soggy. We only think she does it - there's no proof and you can't see her move.
  11. I don't do puppies. These puppies could be an exception. Supercutewonderful
  12. Thanks everyone who commented or messaged. Stevie is a Lab x Goldie and has scored just about a triple coat. It takes ages for her to actually get wet to the skin, then drying naturally can take a couple of days. She's been shedding in chunks and although the rake is pulling out lots, there's always more! I couldn't find any bad reviews of Maru Maru and on the way along the street (had to park miles away, it's between two schools so busy) I ran into two dogs, both of them live within walking distance and both are long term customers. They had only good things to say. The shop has double-gates and other barriers, although built for much littler dogs than Stevie, so there's thought there for safety. The woman who met us doesn't have brilliant people skills (my husband commented the same when I picked up Stevie later) but was good with Stevie and another staffer came in behind us and was very nice. They took note carefully on their form about arthritis, her hot spot and ear problem history, and that she can do high-five and shake so is easy to manage. Stevie was very happy to be left with them. She came home clean and shiny, without any undercoat felting/matting, and very prancy and happy with her dinky neck scarf. No problems today with moving or ears, so it's worked out well.
  13. Pity his website is gone now but there's lots still around. Just google a few of Caesar's keywords. In answer, like huski said. Absolutely nothing to stop anyone. what's the purpose of this quote with unknown source? You need help to see what people are being advised by unqualified trainers? Translation; next time, to pre-empt an attack, you and your dog just confidently step into the aggressive dog's space and poke it in the neck. Here's context for you My link Oh such memories!
  14. II'm an irregular user of grooming services since our old malt-shih passed in, because the big dogs are pretty well wash-and-wear. Stevie however is shedding like never before and I'd like to get her stripped/brushed out. But I've heard so many horror stories about leaving an older dog. Anywhere recommended in Sydney's inner west, or places I should steer clear of? What should I ask about or look out for when I walk in? PM if it's negative perhaps. I'm booked with Maru Maru.
  15. Pretty sure the deal is if you guess the colour right you get a free puppy. :D Yay T gets a black'n'tan! I think it's time she had a boy again. I'm going 3 girls and 5 boys. Big strong thumpy pups from a beautiful mumma.
  16. Delete. The little bottle came in the Dogs NSW show bag a couple of times. Great stuff.
  17. Santisook dog rescue in Chiangmai also awesome.
  18. If the vinegar and similar don't work, there's a disinfectant called Delete (I think) that really seems powerfu.
  19. I'm a fan of AMMRIC too. They do sensible stuff from kids and puppies up, and also are a lookout post for rabies and similar big picture things that makes me respect the thought behind the push action.
  20. Yes. I won't look often. Oh so sad that another stalwart DOLer dog has left us. She was a Good Dog.
  21. Anyone watching Hatch, Match, Dispatch? Was that Pete using the baby change room, with Minnie in a shopping trolley?
  22. Like DDD, the fake grass at SASH has put me right off it. The smell is truly awful and I can't believe they convinced Stevie to use it (we stopped at a grass verge a few minutes after picking her up and she took a big long time to wee properly). But if Juice and Cosmo can get it to work for them then it's worth further investigation!
  23. "Nunes-Atkinson became the first breeder-owner-handler of a best in show winner since 1983" ? So most people use professional handlers?
  24. Our regular place has masses of space for reptile and bird stuff and seems to have high turnover. Actually, they moved the dog/cat shelves to be narrower to fit that in and I hate the narrow aisles!
  25. Your male suitor might be a keeper! First date (kinda) I walked with mine to the station and somebody was at the bottom of the escalators with a bit of blood and my bloke went forward to help, faster than me. It's been 17 years now and I totally trust he will care - humans, dogs, cats, critters.
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