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  1. As I'm a member of a new Doggy group thought i would introduce my little baby Lara who is a 9wo Lhasa Aspo. I am completely smitten and in love with her! Took these photos of Lara at 8 weeks and she is a little poser And took these today at 9 weeks of age :-) Hope to get to meet all the other doggies in this thread :-)
  2. Spitz Breeds

    lol @ Mirawee and great photo of the Lappie :-)
  3. Spitz Breeds

    Thank you Gretel. I think so too but i'm Biased ;-)
  4. Spitz Breeds

    Hi all thought i would share a few photos i took of my 10 year old Pomeranian. She hates having her photos taken but for a treat... easy to teach her that she wont get it until i get that cute look.. it's working! :-) Yep got the look oh the joy
  5. Spitz Breeds

    naww what gorgeous photos!!! Isnt it funny how they try to squeeze into the smallest of places when they have more room in their spots. :-)
  6. Spitz Breeds

    Youjour wow!! Hope ours will get somewhere near there we will be happy :-) LappieHappy i have been invited to come to that but i have an 18th on that day and no matter which way i tried to get out of it i can't! I will be to the next years big Ch show.. and any others i can get to :-) If you're going have fun!! I wish i was still. In my heart i will be there! Balto is gorgeous!!!!
  7. Spitz Breeds

    Thank you LappieHappy! :-) I am in love with the breed and look forward to the next catch up with this gorgeous breed! Thank you re pippa Luvsdogs thank you i say the same thing lol i cannot believe she's 10! Think mum will want another pom once she's gone... but we'll see i'll convince her to get a lappie instead :-)
  8. Spitz Breeds

    And of course this little princess who's spunk and attitude i adore! Miss Pink Owned by Robyn Sharp! Ch. Janoby Frilly Nickers who is just gorgeous!!! And Satu again :-) I also got to meet Ella "Janoby Ever So Sweet" who was more than happy to sit in my lap lol!!!
  9. Spitz Breeds

    And of course i have to share the beautiful stunning Lappie photos! I met three on the day at the kilmore show and cannot wait to meet more! Thank you to my dear friend for inviting me and introducing me to her beautiful girl and also for meeting other lovely people!!! I am in love!! This is a stunning breed and wow.... please meet Satu "Taigakoira Bierdni Satu" the gorgeous Cream Lappie with her beautiful Owner Nicole I don't think i could of got enough photos that day! :-)
  10. Spitz Breeds

    OOOOOOOOOhhhhh alll these gorgeous photos! YAY for the spitz breed! I had my first introduction to the beautiful finnish Lapphund at the Kilmore Champ show and i have to admit i'm Lappie in love!! I am honored to have met some wonderful people and their outstandingly gorgeous dogs!!! I am happy to say i'm on the waiting list for a gorgeous baby in the new year. Until them i thought i would share some photos of my little spitz (Pomeranian) who turned a wonderful 10 years old yesterday AND has brought nohting but joy and love in our lives! I still cannot believe that 10 years has flown past! Here is my lovely Pippa at 10 :-) Pre birthday bath lol This is her at 10 These ones were taken in full coat last year :-)
  11. Nika's Pic Thread

    Time definitely has flown ! WOW it blows me away when i see her.
  12. Sheltie Bi-black Litter

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! omg they are gorgeous!!! One breed i truly love... Looking forward to seeing them as they grow
  13. Two Huskies Sleeping

    Gorgeous photo! They look very snug together there!
  14. Nika's Pic Thread

    WOW she looks great! OMG already two years soon.. wow!! time flies!
  15. Black Gsd

    WOW from photo thread to ..... off topic hehe Alasse all i can say is you have one gorgeous girl there! She is lovely you have done GREAT with her training to date and you have a lovely girl which turns heads no matter where you go! ALL i can say is GOOD ON YOU!! for taking YOUR PET OUT for a walk when you've hurt your back.. most people dont think about their animals when injured let alone anything but themselves... well done.. i know how responsible you are and i certainly have met Nika and you together and she's a brilliantly behaved girl! She is all about pleasing you and being as close to you as possible! I understand what is meant about neck pain and damage to dogs but this certainly dont apply to you! oh and just to throw in i agree with K9Nev... put a halti on a dog in different kind of training and yep you are told to remove it! I personally dont agree with them.. have tried them and dont like them.. but each to their own.. BUT back to topic... Alasse she's stunning you've done a brilliant job with her! You should be SOOO proud!