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  1. Jack The Boofer

    So sorry to hear this Mooper. Take care.
  2. Update On Our Puppy

    He's gorgeous
  3. Just Loving Our Puppy To Bits ! :)

    She's adorable Jules. Such a pretty little thing.
  4. Dreams Do Come True ! :)

    Congratulations Jules. She's absolutely adorable.
  5. Collective Nouns For Your Breeds

    A chattering of jack russells
  6. I can't believe a groomer would let this happen. I'm shocked and feel totally devastated for you Cazstaff. Run free old boy.
  7. Help Needed For Maltese Shih Tzu

    My Maltese X has had suspected GME (a type of encephalitis) for the last two years. Her symptoms were similar although she started having seizures as well. She is permanently on a low dose of Prednisone and has been pretty good ever since. They can only definitely diagnose GME with an autopsy after death so it may be worth asking your vet to check your dog for and maybe try some Pred. We had improvement with Holly within 24 hours.
  8. Find The Dog :)

    My two JRTs do exactly the same thing. As soon as I vacuum they roll on their backs and rub themselves all over it.
  9. Foster Dogs

    Gorgeous pup
  10. Atlas

    Such a shock to read of Atlas' passing. Think of thr good times you had together. Take care.
  11. Atlas

    That is such sad news - poor boy and poor you. Take care and treat yourself kindly.
  12. My maltese x Holly tore her acl last year, had it repaired and last week did the same thing on the other leg. She was operated on last Thursday. Yesterday when I got home my JRT, Lenny, was limping on his back leg. Took him to the vet today - diagnoses, torn ACL, surgery booked for thursday. So I will have to confine two dogs for the next 6 weeks - not something to look forward to.
  13. ''30 Of The Greatest Movie Dogs''

    What about the most famous dog actor of all Rin TinTin - he doesn't rate a mention